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Bacon cheeseburger

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@truck - Yep, this is all about me teasing you!

This really does look too big for me, but I am happy to distribute them to the folks with well-earned appetites - that's all of you!


And there it is again, mmmmm.


Thank you, @eagleboi, and I thank all of you for your wit and appreciation!

Should I have called it a double cheeseburger? There are two patties in there, right? I'm still not sure, but it's close to being a Dagwood.


OMG, I travel around the area looking for masterpieces such as this and I have found a few but none as scrumptious looking as this. Just looking at it I've gained 30 lbs. What @peasterberg says about 5000 calories is true of the first bite lol. Thanks for this yummy puzzle Mischka. Have a great day young lady.


@Mischka Thanks Fiona, I agree with Truck this looks mega yummy ! Cheers........B


Every time someone comments on this photo it shows up in my notifications and every time it shows up I get to see this wonderful looking burger and my mouth starts to water. I'm pretty sure I'm having a burger today but it is a wee bit early just yet.

I like at least warm.


Too much salt, raw is good.

I asked for rare once, it was raw inside.
Plus two or three days worth of salt.


Most burgers I have eaten for one meal are 1-1/2 pounds (1-1/2 one pound burgers).

I DO enjoy a good burger. Rarer the better.


The seeds on the top look healthy, if somewhat greasy.


Fiona you cheer my heart(before the heart attack) this is the best looking bacon cheeseburger ever but even I could never eat it all.It looks very thirstifying though, perhaps a little lettuce and tomato salad on the side just to pretend it's a teensy weensy bit healthy, NOT!


What is this, about 5,000 calories?


My mouth is watering big time!!! 1/4 is all I could eat at one sitting. Fiona, you want the other 1/4.....I know Hoff would eat the rest!!! :-))


This is what food should look like if you lead an active lifestyle. Loads of protein and energy to burn. If you're a couch potato, it's an instant heart attack.
I'm SO glad I lead an active lifestyle..... only this would take me 3 days to eat.


You're doing it again, making my mouth water!!!

They are there somewhere.


:::looking around for hearts attacking:::


Heart attack!


Lettuce not jump to conclusions. I too cannot see the cholesterol. MAYBE there isn't any. Worth a thought.


Good morning, @truck. :-)


[forehead slap] Right, @Omiej, I was slow. :-)

No, I mean you don’t see the cholesterol. But knowing it is there makes me shiver....

It does look good. Pickles would work.


Mmmm, I want one, and the cow already ate the lettuce so you get it second hand, I don't see a problem at all.


No cholesterol? This is a football of cholesterol! I know you meant to say tomatoes. :-)

No lettuce to be seen, no cholesterol either. This makes me shiver..


That looks immense 😋


I hesitated to publish this, as there's not even a leaf of lettuce to give us some color variety, but I figured, hey, you decide for yourselves whether you want to work it or not.

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