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Ebony 2021/04 - 2nd of 4

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My partner took 4 great photos of Ebony on the sofa this week. Ebony is about 10 years old, formerly feral, still somewhat shy and very skittish. Bonded with our other cats and sometimes snuggles with them even though they sometimes pick on him. Very much attached to my partner. Will eat out of my hand. Lets me touch him, and even snuggle, under very strict conditions.
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Meow, meow, hope you're having a good Sunday!


What a wonderful name for a beautyful cat! :O)


Ebony He is a beautiful cat, we have another black cat, but he does not like to take pictures, he looks very similar to Ebony


He's a lucky cat. Thanks for sharing your story too. I hope Ebony remains very happy and continues to give you guys much joy. Take care Patsy!


It is a beautiful quilt. And I love the story of your forever-homed family. Thanks for sharing.

Actually, the Meow Foundation rescued Ebony. When he was ready he moved from their shelter into a foster home with several fosters and several resident cats. He stayed there for quite a while till everybody agreed he was ready to go to his forever home, and it had to be a home with at least one other cat. I fell in love with his photo and then with him. We adopted him to be a companion for our despondent senior cat (River Spirit), whose senior companions had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Things did not go smoothly. My partner went to a doctor for the first time in many years after Ebony bit through his thumbnail when we were trying to transfer Ebony to a better isolation room. River objected strongly to Ebony's presence--she screeched, and when given a chance she chased (he was very agile and escaped easily). But then things turned around--they bonded and snuggled lots...till River crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Ebony was left alone. Then we adopted through the Meow Foundation again so that Ebony would have companions. Now we have four cats and love them all.


Hi Patsy, It's good to see this sweet Ebony, he is a beautiful boy, so glad you saved him. THANKS!

@dhi You noticed the quilt under Ebony! Years ago I commissioned two matching ones from a farmers' market vendor to use on our sofa and loveseat. Recently my partner ordered a sort of slipcover from Amazon to cover the scratched-up black leather on the sofa. It and the quilt and the man and cats who spend lots of time there are all quite compatible.


And I bet he loves that quilt too


What a lovely home you have provided for both of them fingerbreaker. I was offered Sweetie Pie a couple of years before Sheba was ready to leave and it was a good decision for both of them and worked out well in the end. A heated 😤 bed outdoors gives her freedom and comfort.

Ebony is beautiful beyondwords!

Snowdrop does have a bit of heaven , thanks to you. I agree that Polly has seniority--in more ways than one. Maybe someday we can meet both Polly and Snowdrop.


Snowdrop might have to stay outside for a few years yet. We have a dear lovely 18 year old cat "Polly" who is happy to stay indoors. She is a gentle mog, and we fear would be terrorised by Snowdrop.
So Snowdrop lives in an outside mini shed, inside a furry igloo with a heated mat.
It's heaven for her, compared to the holes she must have lived in when on her own.
Feral cats live by their wits, which I guess is why they never relax entirely.

@Fingerbreaker Snowdrop--interesting name for a black cat. Has she moved indoors yet? I'd love to meet her here on Jigidi someday.


Nice photo of a nice cat. We've a black feral cat that adopted us just before Xmas. She decided to sleep on the mat outside our back door. Yep, she'd had enough of sleeping rough and travelling miles every day looking for food.
Still a bit skittish, but can be stroked. Purrs nicely and does that padding with her paws.
I think she likes her name: "Snowdrop."

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