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Learning About Apples

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From left to right; Elizabeth, Victoria, Basil, Jelly Bean (mama), and Val.
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  1. Cinnaminnie29:42
  2. joco5143:12
  3. GrammawNet59:37
  4. Lovejoyone1:07:08
  5. Plumpossum1:55:17


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Wow! What a lot of good info! I do not contemplate keeping a chicken in my house, but it might be fun to have one or two in the yard. No roosters, though!
Thanks, Cinnaminnie!

@Plumpossum, some breeds are more docile and such make better pets in general than others, however I would definitely say it's more of an individual thing. I know of lots of people who say Easter Eggers are skittish and unfriendly and most of mine have been super friendly - Matilda and the free range roosters are exceptions. Some people swear that their Rhode Island Reds are their sweetest chickens and my hens have almost always been aggressive to the point that they'll wound others in the flock. Orpingtons are great, so are Brahmas, Cochins, and Barred Rocks in my experience. I image keeping a larger chicken as a house pet would be easier than keeping Jelly Bean in the house. There aren't a lot of products geared towards one pound chickens and she's a bit bigger than parakeets.


Do some breeds of chickens make better pets than others?

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