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Sunday Collage

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Thank you, Irena. Your favorites have been popular today. ☺


Thanks, Pam. I like mint - spearmint better than peppermint. ☺


All are so beautiful !!! My favorites are: In the middle row in the middle right next to the right. First of all in the middle. In the last row all ... :-))


The greens are not dark, but cheery and clear, so they're not overwhelming.
Yes, I do believe you are correct in spotting some mint around the edge of the pineapple, Ardy. ☺


Thanks, Barbara. I thought that was rather neat too.


Good afternoon, Floyd.
We are up to 29 C this afternoon with partly sunny skies.
I'm remembering all the horrible fires last year. I hope and pray it doesn't happen again. You haven't had much rain since the snow melt. I'm appreciating the rain we had but loving seeing the sun today. Mostly the rain has been constant but light so I did not get flooding in my basement.
Glad you enjoyed the puzzle. Your favorites have been rather popular today. Thanks.
Enjoy the rest of your day.


Thanks, Laura.


Good afternoon, Eva. I'm glad you enjoyed this puzzle and found three favorites. Thank you. Hope you have made good progress in whatever needed attention in the bird sanctuary. Actually seeing some sunshine here today. Not all the time but it does come out for several minutes at a time. And it is DRY. Rain in the forecast through Tuesday. Hugs.


Thanks Barb. That's my favorite of this one too. Glad you enjoyed this green puzzle.


You're welcome, Pam. Are those mint leaves around the edge of the pineapple? ☺
When I went to post this early this morning I noticed how green the puzzle is. I wasn't aware of that as I was making it.


Bottom right is very pretty with the flower inside the star.


Good afternoon, Ardy.
We have a sunny sky with 23 temp.
I just checked our weather station and we have
received 14.4 mm of rain since snow melt.
Most of Saskatchewan is very dry with open fire restrictions in place.
My top choices today are nos. 9 and 7 images.
Thank you and Francine for this colorful solve.
Enjoy the benefits of your rain and hope you are doing well.


Numbers 4 & 7 today, Ardy.


Good morning Ardy..Lovely Sunday collage thanks to you and Francine. I really like the middle one on black and the middle right and bottom right..The others are beautiful too..⭐️⭐️⭐️
After chilling all day yesterday I’m ready to take the bull by his horns..Going outside to play in the garden, I’s just a plain yard with rocks..The sanctuary needs my attention..
Hope your day is good to you..Hugs ❤️❤️


Bottom left is the winner but only by the whisker. I love the overall looks of your collage and green color stands for hope....Thanks, Ardy and Francine :)


Such pretty designs and colors throughout, especially all the greens - thank you, Ardy and Francine!
Top left reminds me of pineapple, of course. :-)


A full set for you, Latifa. Great. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful Sunday.


Lush greens... it's spring! These are beautiful ♥ Don't even need to choose favorites :D Thanks to you both, Ardy and Francine!


Good morning, Sandi. You're very welcome. The bottom row is developing a little fan club perhaps. Glad you liked the puzzle. I was surprised this morning when I went to post this at how green it is. It didn't impress my that way when I queued it up yesterday. Must be all the rain. LOL Glad you finally got some rain but not pleased the storms kept you awake last night. I've seen a bit of sunshine for a few minutes twice this morning. Rain is in the forecast through Tuesday. One rainy day is nice but six of them and counting is not as pleasant. ☺ Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend. ((HUGS))


Good morning, Pat. Thanks for enjoying this one. Have fun with your favorites. ☺ Top of the leaderboard. Great. Wishing you a blessed Sunday. Hugs.


Good Morning, Ardy. Thanks to you and Fran for a beautiful solve. Favs are #5, 7, 8 and 9. If I could only choose one, it would be #8. Love that bright orange on the blue background. We finally got rain. Storms kept me awake much of the night. We have actually received an inch of rain. That's about what we got total for the past 2 months. The garden is happy! Looks like we are going to get more today. I am glad to have a rainy day. It has been a long time. Enjoy your Sunday, my friend. (((HUGS)))!


Good morning Ardy .. Like the top middle, the bottom row .. Have a great day .. Hugs


Thanks, 6tc. Glad you enjoyed it.


Lovely composition, Ardy - I favor the lower left corner this a.m., perhaps as it seems the most intricate. Very enjoyable solve.


You're welcome, Francine. That's a nice little Blossom. I like it too. Thank YOU.


Nice ones, with #7 today's favourite. Thanks, Ardy.

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