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An interesting house

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The extension to the left looks like a garage to me. The main part of the house is round. I'd love to see the inside.

Taken January 15, 2022

By the way, I may be missing for a few days.
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  1. Hasli0:25
  2. Robbos0:28
  3. Teagardener0:33
  4. alansnell0:35
  5. MinneTexan0:37
  6. Ianto0:39
  7. Igelnasen0:40
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  9. BigR0:43
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Thanks, Jackie. Hugs and love to you, too.
You're so sweet, Mila. I appreciate your comments.
I bet the lighting in that church was wonderful, Nikki. I'm always too slow for the board!! Blessings.


That's beautiful, joyfulli. I used to go to mass every week at a place like this that had a round part to it. This one looks snug & cosy! Hope you're doing ok. Too slow for the board, as usual, at 0:52!


You will be missed! Your nature also!


To bring nature in and as much light as possible. Fantastic vacation home. Ty Li!

Very lovely winter photo. Thank you Li. hugs and love

Oh okay. That is a good reason.


I won't be doing any driving for a couple of weeks, Ianto. That's one reason I won't be able to go out for new photos.
Thanks, GG.
That sounds like as good a scenario as any I could come up with, Hermitish! I'll let everyone know when I get arrested!!


You want to see inside a stranger's house + missing for a few days. Are you planning on breaking into the house, looking around, getting arrested, and spending some time in jail? Kidding of course, thanks for more great puzzles.


I agree, Li! Very interesting and I'd love to see the inside as well!! ☺

Just drive safely.


I will, Ianto. Thanks.

You do what you need to do Li


Oh, maybe you're right, Sylvia, since I don't see a door on the round part at all. The chimney is in the center of the round roof, so there must be a fireplace right in the middle. Thanks for your good wishes and for you kind email. Love to you, too.


Hard to tell, at first I thought, that's the front door to the left? It's a beautiful house, wow! Li, wishing you the very best for tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you! Love and hugs to you!

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