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Theme Dogs: Borzoi

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"The Borzoi, also called the Russian wolfhound, is a breed of domestic dog. It is similar in shape to a greyhound, and is also a member of the sighthound family. The borzoi is a quiet, but athletic and independent dog. Most borzois are almost silent, barking only very rarely. They are gentle and highly sensitive dogs with a natural respect for humans, and as adults they are decorative couch potatoes with remarkably gracious house manners." Wikipedia.

Borzoi is my very favorite breed of dog and I used to have one, years ago. My dog was very similar in colors and markings to the photo that I chose to use today.
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Man's best friends, Floyd :)


Dogs are really good pets to have.
Thanks for sharing the information.


Yes, me too, Suzy....wouldn't that be nice?

Her name was Kala. She was very tall for a female at 30", many males are smaller than that.....she was just a joy to have around, so graceful.... :)


I love the description from Wiki, LOL. A beautiful dog thanks Barb. What was yours called?
Hugs my friend ♥


I want a coat like that. :)


Thank you Marian, I agree, they are aristocratic looking and behaving dogs :)

Suzy, that's not true....first, their coats never mat so there is no need to even brush them but they will look better if brushed. Second, this type of coat is self cleaning, I mean if they get dirty or muddy, just wait a day or two and the dirt just falls off and they are back to being clean again. No need for a bath. The only time they do require brushing is when they shed in spring and in fall, just like any other breed of dog.


Grooming these fine animals must take forever! They are gorgeous animals. Love that they make decorative couch potatoes! :)


Hi Barb....a beautiful "elegant" dog...

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31 January 2021 - 14 October 2016
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