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Brownstone quarried in the Apostle Islands

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Taken January 15, 2022

Located in Washurn, WI, this is an example of a classic brownstone building.

"Spanning the era marked by the end of the Civil War until the beginning of the twentieth century, brownstone quarrying around Chequamegon Bay and on the Apostle Islands became one of the most important industries in the region. Brownstone was used to build massive stone buildings in Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Detroit, and Milwaukee. The stone quarries of Chequamegon Bay became an important source of this popular construction material in the late nineteenth century, transforming Ashland and Bayfield into thriving hinterland communities that supported the quarrying industry. Although many brownstone quarries developed on the Bayfield Peninsula, brownstone from the Apostle Island quarries was consistently rated among the most beautiful and pure of the brownstones in the country. The quarries’ close proximity to the waters of Lake Superior made transportation of the massive blocks relatively easy and inexpensive."
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I do too.


I like these brownstone buildings, Sharon.


Duluth has many brownstone buildings, Putem, most notably the old Duluth Central High school.


Beautiful building.

Somehow, this reminds me of Duluth.


Interesting, GG. I know you've seen a lot in your travels.
Cool, Hodag!! I've been upstairs to the gallery space there. I didn't know there used to be apartments there. I've only lived in the area for eleven years.
They are monuments to a bygone era, Sylvia. Yes, strong, sturdy, and long-lasting.


These are good-looking and strong buildings, aren't they? Love the photo, thankns, Li!

As a young boy I use to deliver newspapers to the apartments in this building, back in the late 1960's.


I love these buildings. They remind me of some of the places overseas. ☺

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