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Flatiron building snowstorm Jonas

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This Photograph of the NYC Winter Storm Looks Like an Impressionist Painting

While walking through the Jonas Winter Storm that swept across the East Coast last week, photographer Michele Palazzo captured this incredible shot of the Flatiron Building against a backdrop of swirling snow. With the exception of a few minor details like logos and a food cart, the image looks like an impressionist right out of another another century. The cloudy atmosphere and gusty winds creates patterns that appear uncannily like brush strokes. You can see more of Palazzo’s shots from the morning of January 23rd on EyeEm.
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love this puzzle, would it possible to have it "as large as you are able"

I am pretty new at this. Let me see what I can do.


THAt is an amazing photograph ... I would lóve to solve this puzzle, but would it be possible for you to also post a version of it with many more puzzelpieces? (preferably any number above 300?
I love to work for hours on just óne puzzle ....

I think snowstorms remind us to slow down a little bit. Steampunk vibe is a good way to identify it.


I love this one! A friend posted it on Facebook last night and we were remarking on what a lovely steampunk vibe it had.

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