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Crested pigeon pair..

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All fluffed up on a cool Winter's day. Taken yesterday afternoon.
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Our main rainfall comes in Dec, Jan, Feb & March ( our summer Ami), and the rest of the year we only get light falls. Unfortunately we have had a very dry year or two!!
We usually get our rain from tropical storms that come in from the Pacific Ocean.

Our winter temps are usually mild - down no lower than 6C (42F), but we've had it down to 2C (35F) this year - a record low! Daytime is around 20C to 22C(68F to 71F). Just a short drive from us on flat areas it has been down to -4C ( 24F) and very frosty!! Our houses are mainly built for the heat & we don't do too well in the cold!! We don't have central heating, just electric heaters & a lot of people have reverse cycle air-con etc, but not us!


So, if you don't get snow, do you at least get rain to make up for the lack of it in the summer? How cold does it get during your average day/night? Nice pic Robyn!


They sure are Floyd - thanks!


They are cute little guys, cold or not.


Thanks Cathy - my pleasure!!


A wonderful picture Rob!! They are very sweet. : )


Thanks Allie, Jim, Lorna, aerovka ( it's a Jacaranda tree), Morris ( no snow for us , but lots down south, maybe not for chookie though!), snooker ( I agree!:)))), Sharon, Suzy ( :))) laugh all you like :)))))we don't get SNOW :))), Patti & Dave!! I love all your comments & digs about the weather:)))) Thanks :))


Their beautiful, Robyn. Color on the wings, stripes or scales on the back, red feet, but those eyes...look into those eyes.


Love the pair!


20C??? I am with Beekay. Laughing while in my shorts and tank top! :)


Oooh the poor things do look like they are feeling the cold. Tough times for them with cold and shortage of food at the moment. But these guys made a fantastic photograph just the same☺♥

Hair dos like some of the kids have here. On the birds - not bad at all. On the kids - they need some supervision. :)


That's cool for Winter????? You may actually get some snow!! Chooks would like that.
Nice photo!

Nádhera a ten strom, není tohle Metasekvoje čínská (Metasequoia glyptostroboides)?


They look rather cute. Great photo Rob.


Rob ,great shot, you have some of the most beautiful and unusual birds and animals in Oz. What a wondrous place. Jim


Beautiful Robyn! thanks! Love how the sun caught the wing colours! well done!


Thanks Li - they were caught in the afternoon sun!!


Beautiful picture, Robyn. These sure are pretty birds. I like the lighting, too. Thanks.


That's OK Beekay - I don't mind people making fun of our temps:))) The 20C - 68F - is very dry with really low humidity & feels a lot colder than that!!! And there's a very sneaky wind blowing!!


Yes those are cold night temps Robyn but that isn't what the snicker was for....the 68F is what the laugh was aimed at. Sorry :-(


I love the colours in their wings Janet - you can't see it clearly here though!! I think all the birds are noticing the lack of food due to the dry weather - and they provide good photo ops for us:)))) Thanks!!

LOL!!! You can laugh if you like Beekay - but for a sub-tropical climate we sure have been having cold nights - just 1/2 hour drive from us they regularly get down to -2C to -4C ( 24F to 26F) in the mornings, and just west & inland at a town called Warwick they had-7C - 19F this week! That's cold for us!!!


I suppose it would be rude of me to laugh?


We have a pair who are coming to the feeder almost constantly now too, Rob. One of the very cold days last week they both snuggled against the cement of the bird bath. I guess it still retained some warmth. Your pic is beautiful and has great details. They do look cold the poor things. Thanks and hugs, janet


Just a little afternoon sun Shirley - it was quite nice:))) Thanks!!!


Great shot robyn, the color and detail visible on their feathers is really good. . . . TFS . . :)


Looks like they found themselves a spot of sun, Thanks, Rob.


Oops - we crossed Beekay! It was 20C - 68F and there was a cold breeze blowing! That was the warmest it had been all day!! We don't do 'winter' very well here:)))) Thanks!!


My pleasure jyl - I'm pleased to show them to you:))) I think lots of places call them rats of the sky!!!! Thanks!!

Thanks Barb - this lot hang around our neighbourhood & frequent next-doors feeder!!


LOL they sure are fluffed up! How cool was it Rob?


Yep....pretty, little, fancy doves. We don't have anything like them here in the desert :(
Thank you Rob :)))


Thanks for my first exposure to a crested pigeon. I didn't know they existed. BTW, in North America pigeons and starlings are known as the rats of the sky.


LOL!! That's the crest Laura:))) We also have the common ones - rats of the sky!!! Thanks!!!


They have fancy hair dos! Ours are as common as they come.

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