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Siamese Cat Bookends

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For one birthday I received a registered purebred Siamese kitten. She got named Smoki Tai. Smoki because the previous cat in the household had been Smokey and the name kind of stuck. It was spelled with an "i" and the "Tai" added so the giver would be happier with the non-Oriental name.

This was my first cat. I had her for 15 years. She was supposed to help me study for my comprehensive exams to received my master's degree. lol I passed anyway.
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Faye, when I first read Jacki's comment I read it LBJ and couldn't figure out what he had to do with my puzzle It's LJB , the author of The Cat who... And I loved Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher.
You have a good point about living in or near those two towns. lol Thanks.


I love "The Cat Who" series, too...but like "Murder She Wrote", I wouldn't want to "live" in either town...might wind up dead before your time! LOL ;DDD

(P.S. A totally different LBJ jumped to mind!)


Thanks, Nicky. I may have a print picture. I'll have to look.


Thanks, Jacki. I finally looked it up to. It was 18 days before her 98th birthday. I do wish she could have finished that last one.


These are gorgeous, Ardi, and such fun, too! I am trying to imagine your kitty Smoki Tai - what a great name for a wonderful-sounding cat!


LJB died on June 4, 2011. (I agree about the last couple of books. Maybe that's the series I'll re-read next. Haven't read them for some time now.


You are very welcome, Hanne. The bookends look a lot like my Smoki Tai.


Exactly, Carol!!! Thanks for stopping by.


Entirely possible, BeeKay. I do love the Siamese. I don't want the responsibility of another pet but if I ever changed my mind it would be for a Siamese.


Those last two especially were not her style. I wish she could have finished her last one and sort of wrapped everything up. lol


Ohhh they are SWEET Ardy!! Thanks so very much! :D


Excellent bookends! I suppose there may be a cat in this world that could help you study, but all the cats I've ever owned want to sit on the books I'm trying to read or bat my pen when I'm trying to write!


These look familar...I think my Mom might of had some like this...or maybe it was a vase? Hmmm.


I think there was a ghost writer for the last couple. I know I read one by the ghost writer but then stopped because they weren't the same. I agree that they are the kind of books you can re-read. I have done it with a couple. I had almost the entire collection but gave it away before I moved here.


Edie, I almost included one of that series. In fact I am currently rereading them as my bike time distraction. I really don't like to exercise so need distraction. Just finished "Sniffed Glue" yesterday and am ready to start "Went Underground." I really hate how the series stopped with Polly staying in France for three years and getting rid of Brutus and Catta and Qwill's barn burning to the ground and no hint as to who or what. I have doubts as to who actually wrote the last few in the series. I imagine she has died by now. I haven't goggled her for some time. Thanks, . ☺


Thanks, Suzy. I chose from the cat books that looked the best physically. lol


She was such a distraction. Eight weeks old and as cute as can be. I have pictures but they are all on slides. Thanks, Jacki.


Ardy this reminds me of one of my favourite book series "The Cat Who...." by Lilian Jackson Braun. Not sure if you're familiar with them but it's about two Siamese cats named Koko and YumYum and their owner Jim. If you haven't read them you really should. Didn't get back on last night to solve your puzzles. Internet went out in the afternoon when the rain came and never came back on. Thanks ☺︎


A fine literary selection! :)


Great pair Ardy! Love the incongruous idea of a cat, even a siamese cat, "helping" you study. Although, now I think about it, freeing your mind from fear and constant drill with the perfect diversion might be the best way of helping a good student, which I'm sure you were!


You're welcome, Sandi. The cat before Smoki Tai belonged to the family's younger son and was a smokey grey color. It hadn't been here very long before it just disappeared. We think someone picked it up. While I was trying to come up with a name, we started calling this one Smokey and it stuck. She was a seal point.


You're very welcome, Lunie.


You're welcome, Barb. I still miss my Smoki It was about 11 years before there was another cat in the household. That was Neekei. She was here past her 19th birthday. By that time Fluffy had started coming around.


My first cat was named Smokey also, Ardy. He was gray with four white paws and a white tip on his tail. Thanks for your story and the lovely puzzle.


With the books as L and its mirror image, all together they make a lovely scene! tFS Ardy!


What lovely bookends ... and appropriate books (lol). Thanks for the story of your first cat, Ardy. :-)

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