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for lunie, part 1....011015

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this is the necklace a friend made for me from black cultured pearls from shipwreck beads. i'm not sure i am tall enough to carry this off.
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thank you jill. maybe i'll do that on the next 'date day'. i really want to see the revenant.


you know you can pretty well borrow anything i have honey, except maybe dave.


how sweet, suzy. thank you.


i know you well lol,


Wow! Gorgeous necklace, Jacki. Would go great with a slinky black top and jeans. Thanks :)


What pumpkinhead says!!! Then you can lend it to me.


In your best jeans, a long black top and black boots or sandals sporting this extraordinary would be even more of a knock-out then you are now!


Right on all counts Jacki. LOL.


that's right, mah2277 could probably come up with a long black dress and heels, and i suppose i could loan it to her. but then she'll probably want to borrow the black beaded bag, too lol.


i wish i had gotten better light on this beekay, but there's the fog going on. there are 2 pendents of black mother of pearl and another huge one that i bought which made it even bigger, so i'll probably never use it, at least on this. (i just realized i could take that to hawaii with me, maybe on a leather 'necklace' i can get from dave. i don't want to lose anything i can't replace.)


i think so lunie. she had some left over and made a 2nd piece. i'll post it tomorrow.


dress? heels? i'm sorry, lyndy, if you could see me you would know i am making more fun of myself of myself than i am of your suggestions. but i will wear them with my best jeans, a long black top and black boots or sandles :-)


Hmmm. Maybe you can lend it to me


I love the glow and play of color from black pearls. Is the pendant from black mother of pearl?


Similar to what i did, isn't it sis? The alternating bead design, i mean. Thanks for the thought.


It's beautiful and looks great on the black. Perhaps a long, slim line simple black dress. With a pair of black heels you'll be sure to pull it off!

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