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Some of the zinnias growing in our vegetable garden. Earlier in the season, there were more and more vibrant.
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We had a groundhog try to make a home under our deck. Hubby routed him out. We call them woodchucks here. I'm with you, Donna, animals are fun to watch.


Judy, watching animals is so entertaining. I used to sit and watch mockingbirds and how they come out of the worst thorny bush around, then flit to a pole, or another tree and continue on like that, get their worm and go back by the same way they came out. They like to nest in the thorniest bush around. Then we had this thrush nest in our blackberry bushes. Their sound is kind of a tick tick and one day I was picking blackberries, and this thrush was moving around like away from me then close around me in the blackberry bushes. So funny. We actually had a squirrel that had no fear. He would pick tomatoes right in front of us. He would come up on our porch. Then we have watched groundhogs forage our garden and go to the back of the yard by our woods.


I saw a squirrel the other day with a big ol' walnut in his mouth, run across the lawn, stop right in front of my kitchen window, put it down and then smooth the grass over top of it so you couldn't see it. lol It was so entertaining.


We hang Bars of Irish Spring soap all around our garden. It keeps the deer out, but not the squirrels


I'm not so sure it does, Donna. lol Hubby brought me in a bouquet of them yesterday and said he thought they were about done. I know they won't bother marigolds. Maybe they leave zinnias alone too. They eat everything else in our yard so we have to fence everything.


Beautiful. Zinnias help keep the deer away.


Thank you Val! Yes, even a half acre can take a lot of care. I'm hoping as we get a little older, my husband will hire some help.


Zinnias will not grow for us, but my friend round the road can strange. We find just over half an acre keeps us very busy, your garden does look lovely☺☺


Thanks Jerry! They are a fun flower every summer, those and the marigolds don't take a lot of care to grow.


Thanks Chrissie! We live on an acre of ground. It all used to be farm ground that my husband's father owned and farmed.


@jals Still a riot of color. Ours, planted to hold space for future landscaping beside a new addition, are fading. Zinnias just scream "summer!" TFP


You did good composing it! You have a lovely garden. Looks quite large too with the swing set so distant. Thanks for sharing it, Judy Lucy ☺


You can see a tomato cage and a swing set in the background. Couldn't find an angle that didn't include something extra and those were the best options. lol

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