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Cartons :-)

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Thanks Alias for all the info :-))))

I thought the milk packaging was American, but a closer look shows they are Russian.

Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Cans:


Hugs back dear Janet and thanks :-))))

She will never starve Joan :-))))) Thanks so much

Good you have solved the problems Sylvia :-)))))))

That is the cheepest Lia :-))) and not needing ekstra space for cartons filling up

Thanks PW. I have bought Cambells before but they are too expencive :-))))


What fun thanks Sissel, I love them. Hugs my friend. ♥♥


My youngest daughter has some collected dry food packages and won't use the contents.
The food is macaroni and cheese by a specific brand that she has been eating for over 30 years.
They changed their package printed design.
So she is saving some of the old design for her memories!


I didn't buy any of the Campbell's soups either.


Not me! But sometimes it's so easy to fool people!
I'm back, Sissel. I had computer problems, so I finally had to "work hard" to keep up with your puzzles.


I am one of the persons that don't get 'moved to buy' by such a design. I just buy one carton! So I am not interesting to the designers!!


I'm sure that was the purpose. Last month Campbell's soup came out antique designs on their soup cans, urging people to be sure to collect the whole set.

Why this advertisement?