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'Ten-to-Two' Feet

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The Government advised people to walk 'like a penguin' to avoid falling in the snow. I have perfected it over the years...
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Indeed. I had my first jab of the Astra Zeneca last Saturday. No after effects at all. We are up to 13.5 million. Hopefully, when most are vaccinated there can be some release from the miserable lockdown.


We're still in lockdown too and there aren't places to go to really either, but it's the thought that counts! LOL


I was so hoping for snow and because the sea is still 'warm' (haha) it passed over us. Still a few more showers expected tonight.
Actually dug out the boots I had forgotten I had - brand new in the wardrobe...I might put the YakTrax on them if it's bad tomorrow - not that there is anywhere to go... :o(




Funny, I have never heard that advice before but you have demonstrated it perfectly! That is a very neat pattern you've made. Glad you got your snow Bren. It has missed me this time. ☺


LOL! Hopefully no slip, slip....especially with the YakTrax. I love mine.....may get to dust them off in coming days for a brief winter dance. :DD


LOL!! Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow or maybe Snow, snow, slip, slip snow :o))
I was thinking of getting out the YakTrax - they are still in the drawer in the kitchen. Fortunately, it's not icy - yet. If it stays cold tonight the slushy stuff will require the yakTrax

I think that is how I walk.


LOL Reminds me of brass (?) shoeprints embedded in a neighborhood sidewalk for particular dances, complete with numbers to show the sequence. This would be the snow dance? :D


You have definitely perfected the walk well Bren.


Or you could get your Yaktrax out.

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