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Højerup Kirke

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View from inside the old church in Højerup. We were supposed to look at the choir, but it dropped into the sea in a cliff slide in 1928. This view is better, I think.
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It was a nice experience just to solve your puzzle, so I know I would be happy to see the kirke in person. Do the stairs lead to the organ or did they go to the choir before 1928? I hope the sea does not claim any more of this precious old church! :)

Thank you for showing me Stevns Klint. Your and Stefan's puzzles made me want to see the place.


Very Beautifull! Thank you for sharing this puzzle.


Hello Magnus, I just saw your name on the board of my puzzle! I feel so honored that you came to visit my site!! Thank you for the pleasant surprise!!
Today is Dec. 4th, 2013, I don't know if you will see this, but I thank you, and Stefan for creating Jigidi!! I have met so many world wide new friends here!! Bless you both!! Jo :) :)


Hi Magnus, I just moved to Florida from Oregon and am using my sister's computer while my house is getting ready for me to move in. I just came across the following link:

What do you make of this? I know there are users on here who cannot possibly solve puzzles so quickly. I've always thought they cheated, and this may somehow be how they do it. I don't know the mechanism they use. Do you?

Since my furniture and computer has not arrived and won't for two weeks, would you please leave me a message on this puzzle:

I'll leave this message for Stefan as well. Thanks.


Hej Magnus - Stort tillykke :-)


How old is this kirke? The stones look worn from footsteps through the years.
I was surprised to find it right on the water.


Dramatic shot... Hard puzzle... Thanks Magnus... :) :)

And Thank you and Stefan so much for Jigidi and all your hard work... Through Jigidi you've touched a lot of lives in more ways than you'll ever know... Thank you so much...

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