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Zomp & Zigzags

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Jigidi user Wednesday learned of a new color called "Zomp" and challenged me to do "Zigzags and Zomp" puzzle. Zomp is the name for a light green color on the Resene Color List produced by the hex triplet #39A78E. In early March 2018, the color began appearing in photoshops and image macros on Facebook after being referenced in a tweet. According to the "Spring Green" Wikipedia entry, the color zomp was created sometime in 2007. On May 21, 2016, a Tumblr user posted a screenshot of a description of the zomp color. The solid square in the top row is the image posted with the description. There aren’t too many fabrics using the color zomp, but (with a bit of artistic license) here is the puzzle I’ve created as a result of Wednesday’s challenge. Enjoy.
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  1. kathy553:39
  2. minsann3:42
  3. Kamicazze4:07
  4. hnail4:09
  5. jlovermyer4:12
  6. Besty4:19
  7. Tyco4:21
  8. spiderchck4:21
  9. Wednesday4:28
  10. MomCat20004:38


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Interesting, isn't it, FanASL? I see lots of Zomp around now but I'm with you, it doesn't look all that different from other colors in that spectrum!

Huh. I painted my bedroom this color in 2003. It was called Emerald Green on the Pantone chart. It looks like the exact same color.


This one did a lot of solves - folks just wanted to know about Zomp, I guess!! glad you had a good time.


WOW! I'm the 377th solver! Thanks for the fun and the mask!!


Thank you so much, dize5.




It was fun to see what I could find and I did have to look about a bit to find enough squares for the puzzle, generic_bear2. :-)


It is a lovely color, Sandy, and I'm glad I've found out about it. Thanks for stopping by.


I'm glad you liked it, Wednesday. Zomp is a tough color to find, but it was a fun challenge. Thanks again for the great idea. :-)


I thought it was pretty neat, MomCat2000.

Thank you Cap'n! 1. For taking the challenge and 2. For such a fun pretty puzzle!! I never heard of Zomp before, but I like the color!

I love the explanation and I'd place Zomp next to jade on a color chart. It is truly a beautiful color. Thanks. Sandy


Awesome. This turned out beautifully. I can't stump the artist even with a Zomp. Thanks for the additional info. I'll have to keep a look out for more new colours. Thx for doing this.


Wow! Very interesting information. Thanks!


You are most welcome, ennis.


You are very welcome, Ruthellen.


thank you

Thank you for the lovely pieces in your puzzle.


Thank you so much, Sara. Have a lovely day.


LOL, Oputz. It's not an easy color to define without the scientific terminology - blue/green is where I'd put it, but then - I'm easily confused!!!


What a beautiful puzzle!!!!!!! Thanks from Sara


Thanks Cap and Wednesday! You just blew my little Pantone brain...!


@Wednesday This is what I've got!! Thanks for the challenge.

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