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Our first tulip
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  1. Dclo0:45
  2. Malta0:52
  3. auntmom70:56
  4. laurajane0:57
  5. sobby91:03
  6. JillianB1:05
  7. 4wings51:07
  8. mariolyn1:09
  9. rndixon1:23
  10. Moon1011:29


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Thank you, Marina...not the best of shots as it's in a corner and the bright sunshine is to my right. I could really only stand in one spot otherwise my shadow blocked out most of it. LOL

P.S. Must be nearly bedtime for you...sleep well. ❤️❤️❤️


Your first tulip is marvellous, so bright to win over cold weather.


True, Impie...but these bulbs did come from The Netherlands...and they didn't cost $5,000/bulb like the ones Queen Mary of Orange was so obsessed with. You should see all her Delft, stacked-tulip vases at Hampton Court. ❤️


LOL Faye....the Dutch have always claimed to be the "founder" of the Tulips, but the truth is they originate from Turkey! :-))) ♥


Thank you, Val. There were three open yesterday in the afternoon sunshine...and five more are ready but I don't know if it will happen today as it's a dull, gray morning here. Hope you both are well and staying away from crowds. ❤️


Wonderful photo Faye amazing these are growing on your balcony brilliant red thank you☺♥


Thank you, Ella. They had scads of tulip bulbs to choose from but as our balcony can get quite windy I was looking for something with short stems...these are listed as 10". Then, as we only have a few pots on the balcony...I wanted bright...especially red. These double reds were the only short ones available...and we are "tickled pink" with them! ❤️

You're very welcome, Debb...they simply could not be ignored basking in the sunshine! ❤️

Thank you, Impie...high praise from a great gardener, photographer, and friend! ❤️
P.S. It's 100% Dutch! ;DDD

Thank you, Francine...hopefully soon for you. My sister now has to shovel their pathway as the snowblower can't toss the snow high enough over the banks that line the walk down from the garage. ❤️

Thank you, Jillian. It was a bit tricky not getting the shadow of the iPad...or the picture! LOL I would have liked to shoot a little to the right of this but it blocked the sunshine. Hope you and yours are all staying healthy. ❤️


What a beautiful tulip, love the colour and the way you have captured it with the suns rays upon it. Lovely thanks Faye.


It's a beauty. We're still waiting for the last of the snow to melt.


Thanks for posting your first tulip, Faye. It's a beauty and I really like the colour! Great photograph too!♡


So very beautiful, Faye☺ Excellent photo/puzzle! Thanks! ♪ Debb ♫


Beautiful tulip, Faye! I love that rich red color!


Thank you, Jacki! Glad you like it. It's closed up for the night now but there should be 3-4 more to join it tomorrow. Take care. ❤️


Gorgeous, Faye. Thanks!


Thank you, Pat. Hope you are keeping well...and all your little great greats! Are you still working...or has it become even busier for you and your son? People like you are our lifelines...thank you... ❤️


So pretty !!! . Happy Spring to you …


Glad you like it, Ardy. They are doubles...and only 10" high so the colour is very compacted...and some of them actually have two buds forming from one bulb. We're really pleased with them...especially since I was talking to my sister an hour ago and they can no longer use the snowblower to clear the path down to the house...the banks are too high for the snowblower to get the snow over the top! ;DDD

Thank you, Myhhrmaid. Keep the faith! We're in God's country...the West Coast of we have quite moderate temperatures and things bloom a little earlier than elsewhere. Victoria even has a flower count on March 1st so they can brag to the Easterners. LOL ;)))

Thank you, Suzy. Family friends used to live in the Kootenays near Wardner, BC. He managed the hydroelectric station out in the boon docks. She finally gave up planting tulips as the deer always got to enjoy them than she did! ;D


Yeah for you, Faye! What a treat!!!
For some reason, I always think your seasons are behind ours....but they are NOT (moderate temps and all). My tulips haven't even shown their little green tops yet. (Maybe they've ended up being rodent food?).
Enjoy the new growth the season brings....your tulips are beautious!!!


Crisp, clear photo for a beautiful tulip. How exciting to have your first tulip of the season bloom. Mine are only one inch out of the ground. :D))))


WOW. What a beauty, Faye. So bright and happy looking. You'll enjoy these so much. Thanks, my friend, for sharing your first bloom. ♥♥♥

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