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Home sown Petunia

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It took Liertje a lot of work, sowing and growing and taking care of them. There were many seedlings and all were very vulnerable. He planted them out and they took the time to 'do' anything. We actually didn't expect it to become anything anymore (a wasted project☺) when all of a sudden last week flower buds were showing. In this hanging pot this lovely colour appears and in two other hanging pots (on the fence and the pergola) are purple/burgundy. The rest of the seedlings are planted out in a tub in the front garden and still need to get buds. We have never had so many Petunia plants in one go, but this 'project' of home sowing Petunia has probably been a one off!☺☺
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  1. liertje19781:21
  2. Bikerkath1:31
  3. pavla71:34
  4. win991:38
  5. babray1:38
  7. puzlvr1:39
  8. mimmie11:40
  9. MyHG1:41
  10. canoekaw1:42


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Thank you, nillie, yes, it's a delicate colour. We haven't had rain since last week, but all in all Petunia have a 'special' scent...Liertje thinks they 'stink' LOL
Thanks and good night♥♥


Delicate color and lovely picture, and - probably - a nice scent after rain :-)) Thanks impie and good night♥♥
p.s. well done to the gardner...


Aww, Kathie, you have probably made the same error I did some years ago with the Sweet William seeds.... far to many in one pot. But over the years they 'landed on their feet' and are doing well now!☺


OK, picture a BIG wrought-iron basket with the coconut liner, dirt inside & a MILLION tiny petunias! I should Never had used all that I had! I'll keep you posted! Right now,
all leaves are smaller thank half a pinky finger fingernail! Like I said, winter over!! haha


Thanks everyone, like Impie said in the discription, it was so much work to get them to this stage. @Bikerkath It was so much work to pot all those seedlings on, as they're so tiny. Way to much work but at least the result is nice! I hope yours will be as pretty as mine ☺


Well, welcome to the world! It's so good to meet you!


Oh, @liertje1978, how you would laugh at my tiny, TINY petunia sprouts! A Million of them, from seeds I Meticulously took Out of the pods from last year's red/white/purple
petunias, my own pink ones & the pots I was babysitting. They are All UP!, but I might
have to winter them Over inside, to see anything like You have here! Lovely!! k

Congratulations, Liertje! Talent & perseverance & patience have paid off.


I'm amazed at the talent that both of you have for growing from "scratch" or from seed. It's not easy for some things. Congratulations, Liertje!

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