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Forget the ruby slippers Dorothy

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Ruby gemstone rings by Alene’s Adornments
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  1. formankova633:11
  2. Meadow9243:53
  3. txgrany5:03
  4. Elsarah5:04
  5. MamaP5:33
  6. alene15:39
  7. cherlock6:05
  8. sjackson6:30
  9. tweety426:32
  10. merida40006:50


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Good puzzle......I read SOMEWHERE....that are supposedly 7 people around the world that look exactly the same.
I was shopping around years ago and as I was leaving the antique shop....there was a
vintage painting that looked EXACTLY like me.....I couldn't stay (kids coming home from
school). I never went back. I could just kill myslf that I didn't!!
I love your story auntielester......I GUESS YOU WERE SHOCKED! cheryl


I guess a High 5 would be in order! :p Nice to meet you!

that is so cool. Who would have thought that a similar hand would have the same ring. Nice to officially meet you via a puzzle


They say that everyone has a twin somewhere, a Doppelganger. Well whose ever hand that is, is my hand's Doppelganger!! Weird!! Even the way the middle finger NAIL bends a tiny bit on the left side plus all the nail beds and cuticles! I even showed my husband and he couldn't believe it either! Oh and I have almost the identical ring to the one on the middle finger! A very strange experience, I must say!

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