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☁ꎺᨏ☼ Landscape with rocks ☼ᨏꎺ☁

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In the northern part of the Czech Republic there are beautiful rock formations with a wide view of the landscape
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Hello Deanna,

do you know that these rock formations are located a few kilometers from my house? In the summer I often went there for walks, when it was too hot, it was good among the rocks.






Judy, according to your description, I can imagine that it's a beautiful landscape. Unfortunately, our options are limited by various limits, but it doesn't matter. We can share our thoughts and feelings and that's great ♥:))


There are places in the Sierras that have a lot of Granite and beautiful views, but I don’t get out enough. :-)


Val, thank you for your kind message and the time you gave me, I was very pleased. I was happy to show you this rocky landscape, it's beautiful, isn't it? ♥:))


Gail, I'm glad you came to see my pictures, thank you. Pines growing in the gaps between the stones have a huge viability, they look really beautiful, I agree with you ♥:))


Judy, we enjoyed the view of a landscape that is quite different from what you're used to, thank you for the nice company. I hope your connection issue is already resolved ♥:))


Jill, thank you. In this case, I was lucky that the weather was good, it's always a bonus when taking pictures. I'm glad you like this landscape ♥:))


Amazing photos in this series thank you Deanna ☺♥


Awesome shot Deanna! I love the pines hanging onto the ledges. 🤩


I agree with Jillian. Thanks for opening up the world view again. :-)


Deanna each of your photos today shows the beauty of the area wonderfully. Thank you 😊❤️


I think it’s my cell signal. Usually is.


Judy, it doesn't matter, we have time. I've also had problems with that since yesterday. I even replaced the battery in the mouse, I tried what I could and sometimes it goes crazy. Thank you for stopping by me. I wish you a pleasant day ♥:))


I can’t download these right now. I’ll try later. :-)


Good evening Dasa, my daughter and I visited several rock sites so I'm a little confused. I think it was the rocks not far from the ruins of Trosky Castle, a beautiful landscape. I think it could be Prachovské skály. Thank you for accompanying me on today's trip and I wish you a peaceful night and a pleasant tomorrow ♥:))

Good evening, Deanna. I don't know if they are Prachovské skály, because we have several similar localities in the Czech Republic. Anyway, they all have their charm. And your photos are amazing as always. Thanks for a nice trip. I wish you a pleasant evening and send warm greetings. ♥♥♥

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