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Potpourri354 - The Megaphones - Large - rj

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256 pieces
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For smaller puzzle sizes 0 to 150 pieces please see "InConcert35_Small". For all small puzzles pre June 2016 please check all old puzzles in the archives of InConcert35.

"InConcert35" is used for all large puzzles sized 150 to 400. Enjoy! :D

~ Robyn ~
Please feel free to call me Robyn in lieu of InConcert35. :D
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  1. offpainting17:15
  2. jessparchesky18:28
  3. Indukk18:40
  4. InConcert3519:56
  5. Arria20:04
  6. Missie20:22
  7. pkpm21:37
  8. szsand21:53
  9. Miracle26623:29
  10. pootersox23:31


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Hi sz. You're so very welcome, as ever. :D I'm very flattered that you worked it in 2 sizes. I'm also really happy you enjoyed yourself solving this one a lot. That makes me smile. :D Take care, my dear.


Thank you, so pretty, I had to work it in 2 sizes!


Thanks, Carol! It's true that it's hard to pick just one. :-) We like them for different reasons. I like the two purple, red, black and white ones you picked too. I loved that colour combination and the white against them is very attractive. And there are a few others too, lol. ;-) I always find it interesting to learn what squares other people like the most, so thank you for letting me know! :-)

I like the squares you picked also. A Mosaic puzzle like this that is so bright and colorful makes it hard to pick just a couple neat squares. ALL the squares are great. I also liked the wacky square in the lower right corner and its mate in the 5th row, two squares in. They were the last squares I assembled!


Hi Carol. You're welcome for the puzzle. My pleasure. I'm so glad you liked the bright colours and patterns & designs. My favourites are the lime green and black square on the 3rd row down and in the 4th row down, the first square on the left, a purple, black and lime green circle and the last square on the right same row, it's a pale yellow fuzzy circle with brown in the middle (there's a similar pink one on the bottom row) and finally on the 6th row down, first square on the left, the yellow striped circle on a green background. :-)

I really like this puzzle with all the bright colors and patterns and designs. I think my two favorite small squares are the purple, red, black and then white lines setting them off. They are the fifth row down, fifth square in from the left and then its "almost" mate, is in the second row from the bottom and third square in from the left. Thank you for this wonderful and bright puzzle!

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