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5000 reasons I have not been on Jigidi much!
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  1. GoldenCat2:41
  2. sheenpeen3:15
  3. JUNKMAN3:32
  4. Ianto3:44
  5. Kylelaur3:49
  6. jacq19413:52
  7. Jumble3:52
  8. redina13:54
  9. JeanieTracy4:43
  10. Sparky2b24:44


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I just checked and see that you completed it in May. I love those puzzles, but don't have a place to put one together, especially one that big.


5,000 pieces with all those colours! Good luck.


I have faith that you will get this out, Janet. And find where all those teeny, tiny pieces of green go. And the red. Brown. Blue. Yellow. Black ............. etc. LOL And my shoppng was no drama. Like you, I HATE shopping. I'm a know-what-I-want-and get-in-and-get-it, kind of girl. So I had already done my research to find out what I want, and confirmed where it is. So I just walked into Harvey Norman, found it on the floor, and bought it! I just took it for a trial spin too - and it's a beast! From my little trial run around the lounge room, which I thought was pretty clean, I have quarter filled the bag! And I didn't even properly clear the floor - just vac'd around things! And I kind of feel for the people that infuriated your friend. I used to have a drop filter coffee machine, that was a "Breville Melitta". It was only when it finally stopped working after about 20 years of service, that I discovered that Breville must have had a licence or something for Melitta, and that Melitta was a brand in its own right. And they don't seem to retail in Australia any more - mores the pity, because it was an excellent coffee maker! Maybe Elextrolux and Hoover once had a fling too - but then separated? LOL

And 33000 pieces? I cannot even conceive of that! I think you would need more than one friend to help out. And perhaps a much larger table!!!

And thanks re TrailWalker. I think my role was the easy part. Walking from Wheeler's Hill to Wesburn in 24 hours? That was the hard bit!! (❛ᴗ❛)


Hi Kirsten - thanks - puzzle came out a bit small, the original pic I took was 2 mg so I reduced it a bit - well a lot! maybe I should have left it alone! The puzzle is infuriating - I currently have at least 50 bits with green on, but none of them go together, they all go in different places!
Good luck with your shopping (hate it!!) we have ducted system at home, getting a bit ancient now but still.. Mind you, I go to work so that I can pay a nice lady to come in & do the vacuuming once a week!!
I had a friend who worked for Electrolux service many years ago & it used to infuriate her when people placed a service call for "my Electrolux Hoover" !!
Will post a (hopefully better picture when (if ever) I finish this. Said friend is threatening to buy (between us) the Educa Wildlife puzzle - over 33000 pieces!!
Well done on your help with TrailWalk, I am greatly impressed (from the depth of my sofa!).
Cheers, Janet :))


Oh my goodness, Janet!! But you've made a wonderful "down payment" on it. And it looks like it's a beautiful image! You;ll have to show us what it looks like when it's finished too. In a few years. LOL! (❛ᴗ❛)

And I was up your way yesterday for TrailWalker! I was with the team for about 13 hours. It was chilly last night. Although I scarpered at about 8 pm at Mt Evelyn. But everything looks so beautiful up there. The autumn colour is wonderful. And speaking of scarpering, that's what I need to do now. I'm off to Harvey Normal to buy a new vac. I've done my research, via Choice and online reviews. And it's an Electrolux for me. See you later hopefully. (❛ᴗ❛)

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