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before adoption
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Marie-Jo, it's wonderful that Mowglee and Luna can access the roof to survey the city and get some fresh air after your heavy rain. Yes, it sounds like they have some rituals that they and you can enjoy.
Wishing the three of you, and all those whose lives you touch, a good 2021.
~Patsy in cold, snowy Alberta, Canada

Good morning Patsy, thank you for your reply. I understand that all I need to get myself is ..... a new partner (ha ha ha, LOL).
After days of heavy rain, it looks like the weather is getting better and Mowglee and Luna are scratching the window pane until I OPEN it. Then, it will be "city-inspection" for some time, from the top of the roof. I love their "rituals" (not sure this word is correct) and they need them too.
Have a nice day.

Understood. My partner gave me my first smartphone recently but I still haven't learned how to use it for much, so I rely on him to be the photographer. What's important is that you stay safe and well, and that you and Mowglee and Luna have each other. ~Patsy

Dear Beyondwords, unfortunately, no. No new photo of Luna and Mowglee because I don't have a camera (no "smart" phone either). Because of the restrictions, I don't have the physical presence of friends who could (and would gladly) take pictures of my two little devils. Believe me, I feel blessed to have been able to adopt them and I know they accepted me too. Without my furry friends, I would not be the "full shilling". Take care of yourself and the world that cares for all the living souls. Marie-Jo, Mowglee and Luna united.

I love this photo of furry Mowglee. Any recent photos of Mowglee and Luna?

He now lives here with me and the other "shelter-soulmate" Luna. It's been one year and one day today. I live on the top floor of a building in Paris and they enjoy walking on the roof. When it's bad weather, they sit on a stool and watch "the world go by".
You know cats are great thinkers. Have a nice day. Thank you for your concern. I should have made it clear that they are part of my family NOW and for ever.

Lovely black kitty! I wonder what new horizons he is gazing toward?

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