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Roots and Wings

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Thanks Jeri.


Isn't is great ? Jigidi was created by an intelligent guy, and we can all be friends and friendly. Take care ---one and all.!!!


Thank you for satisfying my curiousity. Every nurse I've ever met has seemed satisfied with her career choice. :-))

My maternal grandmother's name was Petranella. Her parents came to the U.S. from Germany. She went by Nellie.


I started from south-west Germany, went to Stuttgart when I finished my adjucation as a nurse, and came to Switzerland in 1988 where I`m still living, but I travelled quite a lot as single and with hubby too with the families living abroad. Short version :O)




T.I.M. you need to show your face more. I miss your funny comments. How is Killer?


This is so true. I would feed my kids carrots and fried chicken wings as least once a week and neither of my sons became a serial killer... but to be honest, it's hard for the kids to get trouble when they are serving 20 years to life

(ps - that's meant to be humorous, BTW)


Jals, asked the question, and I went to your profile. You just retired in July 2022
Congratulations on you retirement, and wish you all the best in your life.
Petra, my mom's dearest friend was named Petra and she was Croatian, as am I.
I call my daughter Petra, sometime, but she is Patricia. German, French and Austrian.
Very nice combination.
I have never been to Europe, but thought Switzerland sounded like a nice place to visit. It's out of the question now. Take care and keep safe. Bev.

words that ring true ... always🙂 and wings are encouraged, as every man wants his sons to be greater than he is ... it's a "pride thingy"😉


My parents gave me wings and I conquered the world - well, I made it to Switzerland :O)


They are great gifts to give to our children. The hardest gift is Wings.


I think one of the problems is that people who had no business having kids had them anyway. They didn't want them, didn't want to spend time with them and teach them in the way that they should go. In my generation, it was just an expectation that all women would have kids. I'm glad I was standing behind the door when that was given out. I adore my nieces, I love my great-nephews, and I've "mothered" hundreds and hundreds of 4-legged babies. I appreciate good parents who do it the right way and raise decent human beings. I've always liked this saying, and it's true.


Isn't that right! I love this, jeri!


Very nice.


I gave and still try to give my best. Thank you Jeri. 8-12-22


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So very true......wings to fly!


The roots are sometimes hard to set....wings are terrifying, as we set our children free.

I like your philosophy and that the plaque is placed in the growing grass.

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