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  1. stones1:53
  2. Charlotte131:58
  3. mags1792:16
  4. liannabunny2:22
  5. troutmma2:23
  6. rockbit2:35
  7. hnail2:40
  8. brittflok2:41
  9. Malika2:51
  10. moffepa13:01


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Hi Ardy, yes it was gorgeous, all I have at home is lemon sorbet which is all very well but not exciting


Hi June, Middle left and top middle for me today. Fun puzzle. Thanks. Saw you and gollum having some ice cream pie with me earlier. Yummy wasn't it!!!!!


thanks Joyce. First mention of the C word. it will come even sooner for me as I am making my October puzzles now


The Center looks like it's a fancy poinsettia, nice for Christmas. My fave for today is the the *Left Bottom*. Many thanks again June!! :))))))))
time, 4:06


not much hope. Monday forecast nice for us and then back to the same old. Trawler racing at Maryport today, no rain forecast, hope it stays that way. We already had to postpone it once this year.


They are all nice June, but I like the middle one especially.

Looking like rain here, and similar temperature to you.

Do you thin we might do better this month.?????


Hi Kirsten, Barb and Sandi thank you. middle or bottom right for me on this old thing. 61 degrees here, how lucky is that?


Good Morning, June. Thanks for another lovely puzzle. My favorite card goes to the middle right today. I love the bright colors! Hope you have a pleasant Saturday. We will be hot and humid, so I shall stay indoors.


My favourite today is the centre piece - really stands out for me. Thanks for a lovely set and have a happy weekend, June. :-)


I always enjoy your guided tour through your archives, June. I rather like the bottom middle, and at the opposite end of the spectrum - the top right! Thanks for a wonderful solve. And I hope you have a terrific Saturday. (•‿•)

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