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These fish swim in the canals and lakes to my neighborhood

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I think that's very interesting to see. As far as I now we don't have salmon here. And ofcours here they should not have to use a ladder, because everything is flat here.


It must be very interesting to see! In Scotland I have gone to the salmon ladder to watch them swim up the river.


Hi Jan, indeed eel is very tasty. But don't be afraid they don't swim around. They sit on the bottom and preferably in the mud. If you catch them to eat you have to let them swim first a few days in clean water. So all the mud most come out. Then smoking in a ton on Oak wood shavings. It is delightful.


We have both fresh water and salt water fish - a LOT of them. Usually I will eat trout caught in the rivers - - when my brother or husband get them. We eat lots of salmon and halibut and crab. Those are my favorites. But, rockfish is pretty tasty, too.

Ank, I certainly hate swimming with eels. But, if you say they are tasty, ok!
Thanks!! Good Morning!


Hi Sandy, Graciela and Patty. Yes Sandy this sign is at the place where you can let your boat in the water. So that's easy for the fisher(wo)men. Pat we can sit in the back of the garden or we can go with my boat. But you know what I wrote, I cry for help when I have one. Then later we can make dinner of it and Graciela will enjoy us.


Where's my pole. Sissy we could get a lawn chair and catch some dinner.


No fishing for me, but I love to eat them.


That is a nice sign they provided to help identify them. Thanks Ank.


That must be fresh water fish. Did it taste good? And do you fish?


We got many fishdinners the 2 summers my husbond helped "reparing/cleaning up" the lake around Frederiksborg Castle :-)


Hi girls, Most fish you buy in the shops is salt water fish, but there is also fresh water fish. The only fresh water fish I ate is eel. But it must be very tasty. I understand Ardy, me too.


Fishing is not anything I ever wanted to do but I like to see fish in the water. Thanks, Ank.


The water in the canals - it's fresh water isn't it?? I understand that the fish are sold, but you are able to buy salt water fish too, aren't you?? Thanks so very much Ank!!


Hi girls. First I don't fish. Okay I can fish, just sit and wait, but then, catch a fish, then I cry for help. Poor fish. Sorry I can't. But I don't have a problem with people who can. It's just nothing for me. Lots of people fish and some eat the fish, but most put them back in the water. Of course the professional fishermen don't put them back, they make their money with it. Thanks Sissel, Shirley and Lorna.


Good morning Ank. That is quite a collection of fish. Thanks for a great set today.


Quite a variety of fish in the canal, Thanks Ank.


Can you catch your own fish for eating Ank ? :-)

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