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Embroidered Cushion cover, ca. 1890, Morris & Co., May Morris, designer

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May Morris, 1862-1938, British, designer
Dame Alice Mary Godman, d. 1944, English, embroiderer
Morris & Co., 1875 - 1940, English
Cushion cover
ca. 1890
Linen plain weave with silk embroidery
Length: 67.3 cm (26 1/2 inches)
RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) Museum, Farago Art Fund

From the RISD website:
Evolution Revolution
February 22 - June 15, 2008
Needlework was to the 19th century what knitting has become in the do-it-yourself craft movement of today. In the mid 1800s, embroidery was reassessed by the design reformers as an important applied art, and many needlework schools were established, sometimes with the help of William Morris.

Morris & Co. produced and sold needle-worked objects as well as embroidery kits complete with patterns and silk floss threads, making it even easier for the amateur to do-it-herself at home. Vast numbers of Morris-style embroideries were made to decorate the home and church. This is a typical example from that era."
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Thank you, Marina. I love it, myself.


A perfect design for a cushion.


I agree on both counts, Audrey, and am so pleased you like it. Some museums, RISD among them, do such wonderful jobs with their photographs. I would love to have this on a pillow -- or framed.


Oh my, I never imagined that when working it, I would be able to see individual stitches. It is amazing piece of photography, and an absolutely lovely piece of needlework!

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