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22 Years Ago Today ...

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My sweet Tracy came into my life and joined her brother Topaz (we think) inside. We got Topaz in on July 6th. You can see the remnants of his cactus patch bed on his forearm. Dad and I were sitting out on the deck when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Tracy had jumped up on the rock retaining wall and was at the side gate. When I opened it she walked in, I reached down to pick her up and she dodged once then I picked her up and she was home. I fed her that night on the butcher block. Topaz hopped up behind her to a hiss and warning. He just looked away with an "It's okay." look.
This picture was taken a couple of days later and as you can see, they were very glad to be reunited and snuggled constantly for a good while.
She left way too early, she was only 9.
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Aww, Carol they were both such a joy and a delight. I do wish they could have lasted forever.


They are such a joy........if only we could make it last forever! :))))

Thanks, Ella, and I agree!


Such a sweet story, Betty. It's always nice to recall special memories like this one. :-)

You're welcome Patsy!

Thanks for the sweet photo and for the stories. Great memories. ~Patsy

These 2 were the first. Tracy was super cautious and Topaz just wanted help. Covered in fleas & ticks and with cactus spines in his shoulder. Took longer to debride the shoulder than neuter him.☺☺☺
As much as Topaz tried, Tracy was always one step ahead of him. ☺☺☺


Aww, we remember those special dates, don't we Betty? I'm so orry she was with you for only 9 years. They do leave footprints on our hearts that will never fade.
Thank you for the lovely story and the photo of your adorable twosome. ♥☺♥


Awwww.....sweet photo and story. Nothing beats snuggling with your brother. Wonderful memories, Betty! 😊💕😊💕

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9 November 2020 - 14 September 2016
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