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Mealt Waterfall, Isle of Skye, Scotland

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The waterfall you see in Today’s jigsaw Puzzle is the Mealt waterfall in Isle of Skye, Scotland. The waterfall is created from the outflow of Loch Mealt. Loch Mealt is an inland fresh-water loch Isle - about one kilometre in length. To its eastern side, you see the 55 metres tall sea-cliffs of Kilt Rock and the Mealt waterfall.

If this isn’t enough to take your breath away on a regular Monday, then this incredible video of the loch and waterfall just might do the trick ☺
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Beautiful puzzle 🌊🐟 Thank you Jigidi ❤️

Simply Beautiful!!


Beautiful! Thank you :)



I’m afraid of heights and couldn’t never be close to that cliff…just to see the video gave me chills, but surely a nice view from the air!
Thanks Jigidi and enjoy this Saint Valentine’s Day everyone 💘

Impressive scenery


Beautiful spot. I really enjoyed the video. Thank you.


Impressive ! Looks very big yet you say it's only one km in length...absolutely beautiful.
Another place i'll have to put on my travel list ;)
Thank you!


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