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La Discesa by Guido Borelli

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La Discesa translates to The Downhill
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  1. JillianB3:22
  2. katiuscia3:28
  3. senrabyar3:29
  4. baba23:50
  5. mobil584:10
  6. Beebes4:13
  7. Ixchel4:18
  8. Pettirosso4:20
  9. italiabella14:24
  10. Polka24:29


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Jill, congratulations!


Donna, you are very welcome. Haney :-)


Very beautiful painting and I love the "subject." The whole scene is just wonderful. Thank you for a great puzzle, Haney.


Jill, I am glad you liked it, I really like the art of Borelli. Haney:-)


clairezy, Geneva is a beautiful city. Thank you . Hanwy :-)


Judy, that would be fun. Welcome. Haney :-)


What a captivating painting. Very much enjoyed it. Thanks Haney

Beautiful! , but what a workout that would be for me!!

This brought back a memory when I was working in Geneva and went to to a church service there. The building had a street going down from in on the right side but it was a regular street.


I would love to visit there and walk on "The Downhill."
Beautiful scenery. Thanks Haney.

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