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Thanks to storm Odette

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The beautiful weeping willow on the Lievekaai Ghent was broken during a storm. Too bad.
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Ola, even over jouw repliek gekeken. Bedankt 'Smazik'.


Meestal is er met zulke bomen al meer aan de hand , maar je hebt toch een mooie herinnering foto van gemaakt aan Odette.


Here and there a tree broken, some roof tiles blown off, but otherwise nothing special.


Shame that the tree was broken. Hopefully there weren't any more serious damages at your town and your house.


I read that the Ghent Green Service has had a lot of work on it.
SSSW ;-)


@Jaklien Sad, indeed! I note that this is near another image you posted. I hope that the tree was cleared to keep the canal functioning. SSSW


Nothing specific, but the old tree was familiar with the surroundings.


Oh that is a shame. Unfortunately willow trees can be susceptible to this sort of damage. Was there other damage done in the storm?

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