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Autumn Medley- KaleidoBOARDS!

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Thanks, that settles it - I will happily continue experimenting with boards.


I like it that we each put a special twist on things. That definitely makes it more interesting, don't you think, Mary? Thanks!


Jan, I'm so glad you're encouraging PJ in her board attempts. I solved hers that she posted and they're great! Can't have too many boards! I, too, liked the mixing of the colors in the middle from the top and bottom and commented to her on it. 5:31 This one is beautiful! Thanks!


PJ - I have been surprised that no one else posts them. I think they are great fun! I have even thought about horizontal ones, but haven't been able to pull that off just yet.
Please - make more. I loved the one you did yesterday where you mixed up the tops and bottoms. I thought that was quite effective. I always think that variety is the spice of life. If we all make the same dull!


I love your boards too Jan, and this one i so fun. The two green ones are my favorites. I'm thinking of making boards too - but from Powerpoint varieties, so that they will be very different from yours. That will be ok with you, I hope?
Posted 2 today. What do you think?


Well, it looks like the green one is a winner. I confess that it is my favorite! But I also like the one on the end right!

Thanks, Hester, Ardy & Hanne! I will try to have fewer bugs for Ardy in the future!


Oh the green one nr. 2 it's just stunning, but all of them are marvellous!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Always love the BOARDS. But I'd just as soon not keep company with the creepy crawlies. Thanks, Jan.


I have a soft spot for the green flame one on this board Jan. And the beetles that are about to hatch out of the centre one! :-)) Thanks!

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