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Falkirk Wheel in the snow

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The Falkirk Wheel, a canal lift in Scotland. 4th January 2010
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  1. DBuddi2:24:31
  2. claudestyves3:38:34
  3. Doofutz3:49:27
  4. renk433:52:17
  5. tilt3:59:54
  6. flgo4:07:41
  7. sbrobinson5:09:27
  8. kinsey465:57:33
  9. ecbross6:05:15
  10. intro8:32:29


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@sellbeats - there are two cradles, one at the top and one at the bottom. The bottom of the picture is the pound (completly frozen on the day I visited). Boats enter the lower cradle through the arch in the bottom left of the picture, and the two cradles rotate to lift boats to the top (or vice versa). Archimedes principal on the displacement of water means that the two cradles weigh the same whether there is a boat in one or not, so only a minimal ammount of energy is required to turn it. I'm told it's no more energy than to boil a kettle of water. More information can be found at


Does this rotate to spill??

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