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BoBo and Luke are doing the honor to Wish You A Very Happy Birthday 🎈 and a Wonderful Year ahead without Health Issues 😺

#1..Be happy and look straight into the camera..

#2..Always accept help from your friends..

#3..Have your treat directly out of the container..

#4..Take naps often with Jim during the day..

🎂 🎊 🎈
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@Kossamu Dear Eva I hope you are well have missed seeing you on Jigidi Hugs 💖💖💖


Dear Eva thank you again, you are a good friend. Wow you have been busy with your cleaning. I am lucky Jim does share some of it with me. It is always a good feeling to sit back knowing it is all done. I feel like that with the gardens even when I get one area cleared I feel so pleased. Then of course it rains and you have to start again LOL I do enjoy your bird puzzles as well as Luke and Bobo Hugs to you Hemi Luke and BoBo and a very Merry Christmas 💖💖💖💖💖


Dobra, Thanks and I’m glad you stopped by to wish our dear Val a Happy


Ardy, you are most welcome and please take part of comment to Val❣️ Hugs dear friend❣️🎄❣️


Val dear, I am very happy for you to be celebrated by family and friends near and far❣️ And I’m blessed to be part of your celebration😺..
I know you enjoy seeing my fur babies as I don’t have any flowers at this time😺
Hugs dear friend and sorry a few days have gone by, but I’ve been on a mission and worked very hard for a full month to get our home fully cleaned..Walls, Carpet, Inside All Cabinets, All Closets and I’m sure you get my point..All I want for Christmas is a spotless and cleaned house and of this moment I have completed my wish😊.. It was pretty bad, hadn’t vacuumed for months, washed the tiles in a year and I got to see our house wasn’t that dirty after all😊

Merry Christmas to you, Jim and Bella ❣️🎄🎅❣️


Thank you Dobra it was good😀💖


Eva, that's a very nice collage.

Val, I like to read that you had a beautiful birthday!


Dear Ardy thank you, it was a good day, capped off with seeing the great grand children on Zoom singing Happy Birthday, Hugs dear friend 💖💖💖


Happy birthday, Val. I really should say Happy Belated Birthday. (I need to put birthdays out of my time zone on the day before in my calendar.) I like Eva's directions for a good birthday. Hope you had a great day with the year to come being even better and healthier. 💖💖🎂

Thanks Eva, Luke and BoBo for a delightful card and wishes for our dear friend. Hugs 💖💖


A very big thank you to Bobo and Luke and of course Eva , just love seeing your boys wrapped up with each other. I have had a lovely day, with lots of texts, emails, phone calls a lovely lunch out with a friend and tea at our son's. The son in Australia rang singing Happy Birthday OLD LADY lol Our daughter in Australia is going to Face time in 10 Minutes so a big thank you to Marina, Cathy, Jill, Janet and ED, just love my Jigidi Family Hugs to all 💖💖💖💖


Thank You Marina, Cathy, Jill, Janet and Ed for stopping by to wish a great lady a happy birthday❣️😺❣️



I hope your birthday were spectacular with family and friends❣️
Hugs dear friend❣️🤗❣️


I hope your birthday was a happy one!! Ed


Happy Birthday Val, have a wonderful day dear friend. ♥♥♥
This is gorgeous thanks Eva, beautiful pics of your gorgeous pusses.
Hugs ♥♥


Great collage with very good advice Eva, well done.
Happy birthday dear Val, trust it is a great one. ❤️❤️


🎀✨ Hǟքքʏ ɮɨʀȶɦɖǟʏ Val! ✨🎀


Happy Birthday Val, best wishes.

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