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Ok, it's from Texas but it's still right.
Eat hardy on this Louisiana staple.

It's fat Tuesday, PARTY!
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To easy but I like the vibrant colours and the puzzle. Does this day really exist.?


Ken, do you live in Louisiana or Texas? - have met lovely people from Texas and my favourite American accent is from the deep south !(❀ᴗ❀)


Wait until you've partied with him and Mr Crawfish at the Sunday Boil. OOOH LA LA!


I guess Lent if over, Ken, but this food looks great - love Mr Shrimp on his trombone. (❀ᴗ❀)


Ya'll very welcome. I really like Lake Charles. Been there many times.


My son is a private chef and worked for several years for a family in Lake Charles. He brought many of the traditional Louisiana recipes home to share with us. I must say, I love most of them ... some are a little spicy for me, but I like them anyway. This is such a cute puzzle. Thanks.

In Norway today is Fetetirsdag, fat tuesday, and you are to eat watever is left from xmas....and all fat things in your cupboard.....then lent will start ...40 days of suffering!! But we can look towards easter! This is from the old days, I dont think many young people know or care theese days...I remember my grandmother telling us about theese old traditiones.


It kind of makes sense to call it Fat Tuesday and eat yourself full all all thats bad but tasty before going into Lent. Since lent is about 40 or so days, this makes good sense to me. Besides the food is really good. Yes, I like libation but generally, not to excess.
Fun comes from within, so a long standing motto with me is "Grin From Within. I have found that that laughing at oneself can make things brighter. Because, the self is the funniest person you'll ever know. It helps one appreciate the humor of/in others. So if you can laugh at all the sh*t that life dishes out then Party. Because, why not?


In the UK, today is known as Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday, but I don't mind changing to the Louisiana diet today.

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