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Potpourri358 - HodgePodge - Large - rj

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256 pieces
213 solves
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For smaller puzzle sizes 0 to 150 pieces please see "InConcert35_Small". For all small puzzles pre June 2016 please check all old puzzles in the archives of InConcert35.

"InConcert35" is used for all large puzzles sized 150 to 400. Enjoy! :D

~ Robyn ~
Please feel free to call me Robyn in lieu of InConcert35. :D
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  1. offpainting15:02
  2. Pooka15:35
  3. mtols1318:41
  4. Ellei18:53
  5. 4puzzles19:41
  6. Arria20:04
  7. Missie20:04
  8. gonf21:40
  9. bubica6621:42
  10. pootersox22:15


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Hi John. You're most welcome, as always. :D


Thank you Robyn.


You're so welcome, as always, Jude. I'm very happy you enjoy it. :D


Robyn, I loved the challenge of this puzzle with a plethora of unusual, lovely patterns. Thanks for the pleasure of solving this beauty.


You're very welcome, Carol!! I'm so happy you enjoyed the puzzle and liked the colours and patterns. And thank you for listing your favourites! It was fun checking them out. :D

Thanks you so much for this really colorful puzzle! And I liked all the patterns in the squares also. My favorite square is the 6th one in the 7th row. I like all the squiggles.
I also liked the 3rd one from the left of the 4th row. I liked the colors. The square next to the end of the last row had the same colors! Thank you again for this very bright puzzle. I loved it.


Thanks, Susan! :D I'm very happy you enjoyed it. :D
You can call me Robyn. :-)


You're very welcome, phester. My pleasure. :D


Terrific puzzle! Thanks Cathy.

thank you for the puzzle

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