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"I'm waiting politely...come and play!"

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Harry has crossed his front paws like this since he was a puppy. We have no idea why, but people seem to find it amusing.
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  2. thebetterhalf2:24
  3. hadzi2:42
  4. Sharai2:43
  5. janibacsi2:59
  6. jyou3:18
  7. mopsey3:30
  8. sandraarich3:34
  9. bevpuzzler84:08
  10. 123ronaldo4:17


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Thank you! It's funny, Pat, he'll tease you with his toys and when you finally get one from him and throw it, he'll retrieve it...once. That's it. I know Labs that will fetch until they're ready to drop, but not Harry! He does have a few favorite toys, but not a single one, like Bishka does. And he's got about a billion toys that don't interest him at all. He's very people oriented, though.


Does Harry like to play? My Cali never liked to play, but Bishka loves her one special
toy, Dolly. He is such a lovely dog.


Thanks to you for taking such great photos and making fun puzzles of Harry !


Ah, toss him a ball or better yet, toss him a treat. He is so cute. Thank you for the picture.3-1-16..5:31 p.m.


harrysmom, if you mean hitting you with his toys, I've known some small dogs that do that -- just to be more emphatic! If you mean crossing his wrists in that elegant, poised way, my dog Franklin did that his whole life. I found it enchanting, and I even asked friends to remind me of it when I was grieving his loss. A very delightful, lovely boy you have there, with that elegant "regal" gene!


Hi kwetal and Smudge. Thank you for your comments! kwetal, he probably started hitting us with this toy shortly after the picture was taken; so much for polite patience. ;-)
Smudge, we've had Labs for 30 years and have never seen this before. It's great to see that someone else's Lab did this...but I still wonder why. Did you have any other dogs that did this? I am certain that it's not strictly a Lab thing.

We had a Lab that did the same thing!


He is indeed looking patient, and wonderfully elegant too!

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