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Just patterns

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  1. Nerual40:36
  2. Uschifaluschi48:29
  3. Nickirodrigues49:11
  4. dotshell50:58
  5. buckylovestarzan52:53
  6. linsee57:07
  7. silvia_reyna1:02:22
  8. patchesmartha1:07:37
  9. Ishouldnt1:11:03
  10. seibusky1:14:51


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Trish, I got busy with other things for a while and was also surprised how much loss I was feeling about not having puzzles from two of my favs (Peg and Wim), and then you also got busy. When I came back, it meant a lot to reconnect with other puzzle-makers and puzzlers and realize that I could create puzzles that others enjoyed with the coloring app. You'll come back when it's the right time and your creativity goes in this direction. (Or maybe you'll paint more rocks!) Hugs! Dotty


Hi Dotty! I can't remember creating this one ... wow, I should get back to creating kaleido puzzles, just need to find some time. Hope you've had a good weekend, mine was spent shovelling up loads of autumn leaves sitting on my lawns. Work tomorrow so relaxing a bit on a peaceful Sunday night after dinner at son and daughter in laws.


Wow! I am definitely out of practice with your kaleidos! That frame is beautiful and I probably should have remembered to use that as part of my guide. Gorgeous work! I especially loved the 2 in the black background. Thanks! Dotty

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