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  1. es0691213:18
  2. suripacamama14:29
  3. MurdochS17:09
  4. daisymae17:10
  5. girlmouse6117:53
  6. rduket17:55
  7. mustsal18:11
  8. dawnsmith50218:37
  9. gofigure18:44
  10. Harmony819:28


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Oh so cute. My sis did one like this with her baby girl surrounded with all stuffed animals. Had to look close to find the baby!! LOL Thanks:-)


Oh geez; now you're pulling a "Jeri" on me, lol!


;~)) ♥


Got it! Yeah, I think we travel in pretty much the same circles...
The Jig keeps me hoppin' as well -- I rarely even have time anymore to solve puzzles ~ and that's obviously why I joined in the first place. Now *everything* is fun!!


No, I don't really start untill around five, read all comments, comment, bookmark new puzzles. Do Iris and Joe. Then move on, I have to share my time between you and another person. Some times I get bored and go looking for something new. That's it, and how funny I have seen you on my pics twice.☺☺☺


BTW, why is it you "never get caught up"? Do you work?


Well that tells me nothing -- unless you mean my puzzle where Brian posted and I said I was going to check out his stuff and...


Saw a post and checked it out, like it a lot.... now I will never get caught up. :(((


Hey Bobbie ~ what a coincidence. How'd you end up here?


maggie...thank you for the thank are welcome in a big way to send some of my puzzles around to your friends....Some of them are pics i snapped in the Fils and Singapore or found somehow here and there....There seems to be a lot more chips on shoulders these days.Like i say as long as there is more than one person on the planet there will be discontent and unhappiness.I am probably generalizing a bit too much but...........Adios Amigo for now............


This was amazing, thank you.


Brian ~ What a beautiful picture. Too bad someone with a chip on their shoulder had to try to ruin it!


Really? You have to bring politics to Jigidi? Isn't there peace anywhere?

Hopefully with this President and Congress we will get respect for life in the correct perspective and a Personhood Amendment will be adopted into our US Constitution

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