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Hotel Ny Havn

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  1. JPDJim9:54
  2. susanark10:28
  3. Ange107911:08
  4. teaqueen11:37
  5. martian12:11
  6. yuperets12:39
  7. Biss1913:07
  8. kimstorry13:29
  9. geri33314:03
  10. ElizT14:09


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Aha! The flags ... you're right, this is a Danish scene. The hotel's name means "New Harbor". I'm not up on my flags, I guess! Thanks, Evie!


There are a lot of Danish Flags, so I am assuming Denmark, but the faces on all the people are so abstract. It just seemed different somehow.

I didn't think so ... what do you mean, Evie? I'm guessing that your answer will show that I haven't worked the puzzle and therefore missed some details lol. xoxo


This is certainly a strange little painting !

Sheila, I'm the same as you are --- I can't stand the heat and worse, the humidity and I don't understand how others do. You feel like you're smothering! Sounds like you are in for some fun family times and a wrench from your normal routine ... have fun!!! xoxo

Wonderful weather here in Asheville and we're awaiting the arrival of a daughter and her hubby and 4 grands...ages 16-22. Should be utter chaos real soon.
I'm not a fan of hot weather, but Pat comes alive above 80 degrees...... I begin to wilt.
I guess the old adage "Opposites attract" is really true for us. This is as far North as I could get him. Anyway thanks for all the time you spend finding excellent artists.
C'est bien fait!

Sheila, I thought so too. It's always frustrating when you can't find an artist's credit. I like this artist's style and would probably want to make more puzzles from his/her paintings. How is your summer going? We are having a good weather streak which is Very Rare here. Plenty of sun and not too hot. xoxo

Charming little city-scape.....
Too bad the artist is unknown.
Thanks Jeanne Marie

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