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Dogwood Leaves

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Something happened on my computer last evening and Google shut it down. Now I can't get the picture to come out like it should. But this is a better view of how red dogwood leaves can get.

The top part is the photo. The bottom is a section magnified. I have no idea how to do that. ☺
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Thanks, Lunie. The color is like the original. It's the division into two sections with the bottom section magnified that I did not do. ☺


Love it in that color Ardy... Thanks to the PC shutting down. 🤣


Yes, Faye, the original is still the same. I tried "creating" with it again today. I get a white rectangle on my screen with the puzzle pieces showing but no picture. When I click to select it this is the result. I had no such problem in queueing up a puzzle for tomorrow. I sure don't understand. ♥♥♥


WOW! Now you are a super "techie"! LOL Just your original photo still the same? ♥️♥️♥️


Thanks, Barb. I haven't tried to post a puzzle for tomorrow yet. This variation is not what I wanted to post. ☺ Hugs 😊💖


You're welcome, Jill. The color is what I wanted to be seen. ☺


Thanks, Beth. It was not an update. As I think back now the little notice that popped up said something had gone wrong. "They" were sending the information to Microsoft and would then shut down the computer and reboot. Everything else seems OK except when I tried several times to post this but it kept coming out like you see here. But it showed the color of the leaves which was what I wanted to do.


Wow, they are a very bright red, I love them, Thanks, Ardy.
Hope all is back to normal with your computer.


Right, Jacki. There used to be a Japanese maple next to my driveway but it died out several years ago and the neighbor (whose property it was one) cut it down. Thanks, Hugs.


Thanks, AB. It did rain here overnight but cleared off later this morning. It's a tree actually. It has pink blossoms in the spring, red berries and reddish leaves in the autumn. Enjoy your garden time.


LOL Ardy. Google gave you a more interesting puzzle for us to solve. Hope your computer is back to normal by now. Have a great afternoon. Hugs 🙂❤️


Brilliant colour, thanks Ardy


Hope you computer gets better. When in doubt, I reboot. I hate updates, they always seem to mess things up. :))


Very similar to the color of Japanese Maple in the fall. Nice Bright RED! Thank you Ardy and hugs


Now that's an unusual puzzle. The Bush must look as if it's on fire.
A happy accident.
Today it didn't rain so managed a few hours outside in the garden, mostly collecting up leaves.
Huggles Ardy


Thanks, Pam. I haven't tried posting any picture. That seemed to be all that was affected.


😊 Eva


Beautiful puzzle, Ardy - thank you. I'm confused about your computer and Google - is everything back to normal now?


Není zač, prostě vtipná, originální hádanka.


Děkuji, Eva.


Luštit se to dallo.

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