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Just Desserts -30

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Well, I probably won't be posting any puzzles for a few days. My sister's husband, Steve was killed in a car accident quite unexpectedly and everyone is in a bit of shock.

Kaleido origins:

Upper Left: Strawberry Ice cream in a glass dish
Upper Middle: Sundae
Upper Right: Cookies
Lower Left: Scoops of ice cream with all the fixin's
Lower Middle: Chocolate cookie Topped with ice cream & chocolate shavings
Lower Right: Layer cake decorated with cherries
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  1. littleidasflowers13:01
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  3. mm6014:14
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  5. mcarioca17:34
  6. suhunyi18:20
  7. gringa4919:44
  8. hoosierguy20:40
  9. lsminnich20:56
  10. mila197321:01


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What a yummy puzzle. Are you surprised with the results of each kaleidoscope that you create? They are still amazing to me. I think I like the strawberry ice cream in a glass dish the best, but it is hard to find a favorite.


Thanks Javimanda. I appreciate that.


Bill, so sorry to hear that. I'll send prayers your and your family's way.

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