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Happy New Year

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  1. auntmom71:06
  2. JM_Cookie1:27
  3. Clar111:27
  4. Ianto1:28
  5. introvertka1:29
  6. pumpkinhead1:31
  7. canoekaw1:38
  8. wshealy1:41
  9. katesmom991:43
  10. Ejc1:49


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It was so nice to have this blinding light on our frozen faces, some times we go for weeks with no sun.


What's that shiny thing? Pineapple Express has been unloading buckets and buckets of rain here! Oh beats shovelling!


W♥W! Perfect new year image.

Happy New Year, Mat. :)


Excellent thought, Marilyn.
The photo is a brilliant way to begin the new year, Mat. Thank you. Best wishes!


Well put Canoekaw, I see this as 2021 a new day with bright sun and the possibility of a great day ahead, the future looks bright ;-)


Sunrise is so special and the sun gleaming across the water is more special. Are those the clouds of last year fading away in the distance. I sure hope so.

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