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City cats are a breed apart

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Why are you reporting this puzzle?

This will be my final puzzle. Have enjoyed talking to many of you and I wish you well. Thanks for enjoying my puzzles. I will not be answering comments on this puzzle.
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I think his problem has more to do with him than with Jigidi. My opinion.
Communication is a fragile art.


You're the best, Youngone!!


This is awesome, I have enjoyed your time and consideration for your prompt patience and support with respect of your posts. TFS. Best wishes and regards.


I'm afraid that there was NO mistaking what he said, Carol. Sad. I enjoyed most of his puzzles.


PD, I don't think it was your fault. You are too nice. I think you must have misunderstood him. He is too sweet to be hurtful. -- Carol

So sorry to hear---Maybe some day he will turn up with a different name. Thank you P D. 12-01-18


As you can see, I not only commented, I also did the puzzle! 'Nuff said.


I'm extremely sorry to say that he decided that I had reported him to the powers that be. As I said to him, if I don't like a puzzle, I just don't work it or comment on it. I do NOT report anyone! But, he wouldn't listen to me and said he was leaving and not coming back. I wish he had LISTENED to me!


Raining hard here too! MUCH better than snow!! :))

You are welcome Joe. Have a good rained and rained here through the night and some this morning. I guess that may be better than snow. :)


No help here Beverly, sorry.
I got your card today, thank you so much my friend!! :))

somebody out there ...that knows youngone….can you give us a clue. Sick, healthy or just burned out? 11-30-18


Wherever you go, whatever you do, I hope you'll be happy and know we miss you. I've enjoyed your puzzles immensely.


The city cats just love heights to enjoy the view! Marina


I too wish you well! Hope for nothing but the best for you! :))


Will miss James Dean and your nice puzzles.


Oh YO I have just got back from my surgery and you are leaving us, I have enjoyed all your puzzles and all your comments god bless hope all goes well with you☺☺

What did I miss? Why are you leaving us?-------------------Molly


Miss you already, YO. Thanks so much for all you have added to Jigidi. There's a big hole in my heart now, where you were.

Ah, c'mon youngone… can't go away. We will miss you. Geez, I hope you are not ill. Bless your heart. Thank you for all the puzzles you did for us. Bev. 10-25-18..8:50pm


Going to miss you! Always look forward to seeing what "interesting"..."funny".... and just plain "adorable" pictures you shared with us. Good luck, and prayers go with you.
Dusty (Who is sad to see you not be here.)


((((( meow buddy ))))



You are a joy. You are such a brightspot in so many people's lives, including mine.

Thank you for the fun and creativity and kindness you bring and share with each of us.

You are a very special person and you are appreciated & loved.

Stay close, when you can. We are here for you, dear youngone, friend.


I'm already unhappy that we will have no more of your fun puzzles or witty comments, youngone. I echo what the others have said.


I will miss your wonderful puzzles, YO. LOL -- Carol


You will be deeply missed and abundantly welcomed back at any time.


So right, Returner!


Where does he hide the parachute?

I want too say thank you, for all your wonderful puzzles you have posted. i hope what every you do in the future, will be wonderful for you. will keep you in my prayers. will miss you. hugs !!!! Jackie or cappy. it's very hard for me too say goodbye

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