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Bear in my Yard 2

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From the basement window
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  1. mapletree1:44
  2. Warrior1:48
  3. Ianto1:54
  4. youngone1:56
  5. bhelen1:58
  6. bluebird422:03
  7. ronniep2:11
  8. JoJos42:12
  9. jigsaw19492:13
  10. pzzleaddict2:29


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I am so glad you were able to get in the house. I believe they are nonaggressive too, but
it never hurts to be careful.


Yes fjed you are right they are nonagressive black bear. I think had this one seen me first they would have run. Someone on our street had actually seen the Mother and this young one together raiding their trash earlier in the week. There was a hard frost this spring that killed a lot of the wild berries here. I think that is why they came down off of the mtn because they did not get enough to eat this past summer for their hibernation.


I often have bears wander into my yard here in the north Georgia mtns. They all seem nonaggressive. Two years ago I had an orphaned bear cub that lived in my tall wild cherry for about 2 weeks. I would go out and talk to him. After he finished eating all the wild cherries he moved on. The following summer he returned. He was no longer little. He broke several branches reaching for the cherries and soon left for good.


'Glad you took this photo from INDOORS...but, how exciting and scary it must have been to see a bear, in your yard!!!

You must have a green thumb, because your garden is lovely, with such beautiful flowers!


No first one I have seen in the area. Luckily I saw him before he saw me. I was just a few feet from my basement door and was able to get inside quickly. I live in Maryland not too far from the Appalachian Trail.


Frightening...if you had been outside! Does this happen often in your area?

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