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Mains - NZ Lamb

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There’s nothing like a classic lamb roast to spoil family and friends. Teamed with the tart mint sauce and perfectly roasted seasonal veg this dish is a guaranteed crowd pleaser around here.
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Thanks Val will pass it on ❤️


HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL you have joined us in the 70's club. Jill the dinner sounded fabulous Hugs☺♥


Hey Dj didn’t expect anyone to come back to this one, you make me smile and yes sure will pass that on ❤️😊


Please wish a Happy Birthday to Paul from me. :-)) dj


Val we always buy some when it’s on special. Celebrated Paul’s 70th last night with a family dinner, had roast lamb, smoked salmon, and slow cooker pork along with roast veggies and all the trimmings. Had left overs for meals today :)


Yum brilliant thank you Jill, when the children were home it was always Sunday lunch, with garlic pushed into the meat near the bone, draped in Rosemary too expensive for just two of us now ☺♥


Saved plenty of food for you dear Suzy 😊😊


YUM! So much "goodness" to catch up on!!


I, of course, totally agree with you 😊❤️


It looks delicious thanks Jill. Yes NZ lamb is very tasty. hugs ♥


Absolutely possible and definitely the best choice for with this dinner Jaklien. I do enjoy cooking but also feel that the best meal is made with love, expertise comes second. 😊😊


Lamb does have a distinct flavor, certainly not liked by everyone. I prefer mini lamb chops. Those are, here anyway, quite expensive.

I have the impression that there are very good amateur cooks here. I wish I were, but I do my best.

Hopefully there is still a place available for that delicious looking leg of lamb. But I would like it with a glass of red wine, is that possible? ♥


Your comment made me laugh Dobra, good for you. 😊


Ha ha Marina, good for you. It’s lovely hot or cold so totally your choice. Thanks for the chuckle.


So! Now I can compose your puzzles Jill! But first I had to go to lunch! I couldn't concentrate when I saw so many goodies! :-)


Wow! You are spoiling us with a treat! Lovely roast lamb and great way of presenting it.. Did I say something about high temperatures and forbidden meats? Forget it.. I'll have a slice of cold roast lamb..please..and plenty of..what ever comes in the next puzzle... :-)))


The above photo looks like bliss to my eyes.. love roast lamb and the photo is great.. I'll have a small piece of lamb to keep it for later..because temperatures here are over 35 degrees C and roast sort of forbidden.


Dj great thing about garlic is that it’s also good for you! So go for it. Thank you

Brightie so glad it appeals, wish you actually could smell and taste it. Thanks ❤️

Sounds great Jerry perfect way to keep it moist. I can imagine your dessert, seen some of them and even thinking of them has given me overactive saliva glands

Thank you Putem, have another slice. :)

Looks perfect!


@JillianB I used to stage a multi-course dinner on or near my birthday with two friends who share the day and one whose is a day later. One year I did a leg of lamb that I did on the grill (medium).

The recipe called for a fresh herb rub had me make a paste of prepared yellow mustard and kosher salt with which to cover the lamb completely. When done, the paste had charred and crusted. For serving, a whack of the carving knife shattered the shell and the lamb inside was luscious. It was served with seasonal veggies (quite similar to those you offer today). An over-the-top dessert, coffee and cordials followed.


YUMMMMMMMMMMY I am drooling xxxxxxxxxxx so long since we had a good roast leg of lamb ♥♥♥♥


This looks incredibly scrumptious and the roasted garlic will disappear from the platter onto my plate. Love garlic!! LOL dj


Excellent Brian, happy to hear that and yes definitely with mint sauce and gravy :)


@jerrys lamb is not to everyone’s taste. Personally I do my lamb roasts low and slow cooking, with fresh rosemary and mint scored into the top and some honey drizzled over it and the gravy made from the meats own juices. Melts in the mouth.

Thanks Lorna

Fair enough Judy, actually if doing dinner for friends or family I always have options.

Ha ha Donna actually I have only in the last couple of years started roasting whole garlic like this, delicious is the word.


Fantastic we love lamb with plenty of mint sauce gravy, one of our favourite meals !
A good choice Lady Jillian we cannot wait we are on the way.......B



Groan. I can almost smell that roast and garlic. MMMMmmmmm!🍴😋


You can have my share, Jill. I can't eat lamb.


@JillianB As the solo lambster in the house I enjoy it only when going out to eat (and it frequently is underdone for my taste). The roasted garlic is (probably) to die for and the roast is done to a pleasurable degree. I now have to wipe the keyboard...Thanks for a virtual feast.


Delicious! thanks Jill.

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