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Dogs I Saw On Jacki's Island

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I know the names of only two of them. ☺
Top row left to right - large spotted dog walking behind woman leading a horse; the blue/brown eyed puppy from the ferry; Baby Key looking out window where we stayed; one of three dogs belonging to a cousin of Jacki's.

Bottom - Woody (previously posted); other two dogs of Jacki's cousin, the bottom one is tiny and blind and is carried. I think her three are all rescues. Finally another dog seen at the ferry dock.
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Thanks, Pam. Couldn't leave out Baby Key. ☺


Thanks for delightful dog puzzle, with Baby Key in center, Ardy. This was fun to behold and to assemble. :-))


Thanks, Val. I had seven dogs and eight spaces so Baby Key was called into duty again. ☺ Hugs♥♥


Ardy wonderful collage of dogs Baby Key fits right in Hugs♥♥


You're welcome, Shirley. There were all very nice dogs.


A very nice collection of dogs, Ardy, big small and in between, Thanks Ardy.


Hi Eva. Glad you like the dogs. The top right one barked at us until he found it was OK for us to be there at the farm. I did post the ferry dog with the black and white face and blue and brown eyes separately. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs.


Hi Ardy! Nice dog collage :)))) I love most dogs but the constant barking from the small yeppers. Here I would pick the ferry dog with the such a cute face...
Thanks Ardy..Hugs ❤️❤️


Nice variety, Barb. Thanks. Hugs.


Wonderful assortment of great dogs on Jacki's island, from the pointer to the Chihuahuas. So nice to see them together in a collage. Thank you, Ardy, hugs :)


Thanks, Faye. I'm sure they would like it. I got to pet Woody and Jacki's cousin's three.


What a great collage! Well done, Ardy! I'd have pets and ear rubs for them all! ❤️


Thanks, Rebecca. I'm not much better on breeds of dogs than I am with species of birds. LOL But I enjoy them anyway. ☺


We had a wonderful time, Pat. Thanks.


Dogs are pretty wonderful companions aren't they, Francine!! Thanks,


Jacki, this was taken the first full day when we saw the horses at Lone Tree meadow. Somewhere that morning a man walked by leading a horse (I'll email you that photo) and this dog was right behind them, ♥Hugs♥


What a great collection! The upper left looks like German Short-haired Pointer - my neighbor, where I babysat, had 2. Lovely dogs.


What a great looking bunch. So glad you and baby Key got to meet and see all these dogs. Hugs..


Dogs. ♥


Wish I could have helped you, but my memory for names left home long ago and only returns sporadically and for very brief periods of time. Faces, I remember for all of these except the spotted gal top left. ♡hugs


Thanks, Jacki. Wish my memory were better as your cousin told me the names of her three dogs. But if I don't write things down they don't stick in my mind like they used to. ♥Hugs♥


Thanks, Bonnie. I like furry friends,


You're welcome, Sandi. I know it's a busy day for you. Hoping it's a happy one as well and that all get there and back home safely. ((HUGS))


Well designed canine collage, Ardy. ♡hugs


They are all well cared for and loved I'm sure, Lunie. Thanks.


Thanks, Suzy. Thought all those photos should have an airing. LOL


Lovely collection of furry friends :))


Thanks for sharing the doggies! Happy Sabbath Day, my sweet friend. I have been up a long time. Oven is full of turkey and ham. Lots more things to do, but I am having fun with it. Have a happy day.


Glad people have taken good cared of them Ardy. Thank you for sharing your island adventure.


Very nicely composed, Ardy. You've presented the Island Dogs in fine fashion!


They were all lovely dogs. Thanks, Pat.


That they are, Iris. Thanks. ☺


Pretty ones !!!


Such happy memories! grins!☺

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14 February 2022 - 6 April 2015
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