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Same in english :-)

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Thank you so much dear friends.
This is the easy way I assume and I have an idea of "You had one job" now you have none. I am glad you all had a laugh - mission solved :-))))))))))


They look at it.


Hmm... makes it even worse... how will police know if it's French or English sign?


@robert952.....Actually businesses should only use French signs. And we have the language police that will check it out.


Good one.

As I understand, in Quebec all businesses are to use dual language signs: English/French. One man refused saying: "Tell me the French translation to use. It makes no sense to have a sign that says Rubenstein's Rubenstein's Kosher Kosher Delicatessen Delicatessen."


Now I still have to use google translate.


HA HA HA HA. You show us so many funny signs:-)


LOL, I think Rebecca is right. ♥♥♥


Translation "made easy". Haha!


Only one job to do. They didn't have a very good translator. :o)))

This is a truly excellent translation. :-)))
I hope that my translation programme is better...


I can understand how this happened - online I saw a cake that said "The Same" - when it was ordered, along with another birthday cake, the customer said "On the other one, put the same." I can just imagine that when ordering this sign, they were told "And down here, put the same in English." There are some real geniuses out there!


ha, ha, ha!!!