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Bobcat Returns 11-14-2021

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This cat decided my yard was just right for his/her 8 hour nap time on both Saturday and Sunday. Typically, they just pass through the yard. I have never seen one hang around all day.
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It is very odd behavior. This bobcat was here for 2 days in a row, dawn to dusk, then I didn't see it for the next 4 days. Yesterday, it was back again for 8 hours. I have food and water all over my yard for the wildlife, mostly birds, but this cat doesn't even seem interested in hunting them. It watches them from a hiding spot with amusement, but that's it. It behaves much like a house cat, drinks some water, "marks" it's territory, bathes itself, and, for the most part, just naps. Maybe it goes after the neighbors chickens before coming here. Many around me have them.


Interesting behavior and fun puzzle! My sister keeps laying hens, and so she gets bobcat visits, but usually at night, documented by her yard cams. She did describe one encounter around dusk last when she was shooing the hens back into their pen (some had gotten loose in the yard), and the bobcat came around the other side of the house and snagged a stray just about 30 yards from her! She yelled and waved her arms but the cat kept hold of the hen as it retreated. Guess it was hungry.

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