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Cat shaming series

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  1. Dilubreuer0:09
  2. laurajane0:11
  3. Robbos0:12
  4. Watchman0:13
  5. wjl10150:15
  6. youngone0:16
  7. rndixon0:16
  8. rootbeer80:16
  9. PutterDutt0:17


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Hope so, Molly. TY :)

Those stairs look pretty steep. The cat is beautiful and I bet there is sweetness in there somewhere.

Thanks, Wendy. She is beautiful. :)


They were all so great today. I love this one. She looks so comfortable lying on the stairs. What a little cutey.............Wendy

Good way to look at it, Cece. TY :)


Hi youngone. It seems cats are just like people and apples - there are good and bad and in-between! I think this one falls in-between. Thanks for sharing. Cece

I wouldn't want those stairs in my house. They look nice but without a banister ..... Nope.


No banister on the stairs they could both have a nasty fall!

True I guess. :)


They are all sweet deep down, some just hide it better than others. ❤

Certainly a sweet looking kitten. Maybe that is her way of playing. :)


I'm nearly deaf & it's enough to make anyone anti-social. And she looks pretty deeply sweet (while sleeping). I love the tail, so relaxed.

Maybe she's still looking, laurajane. :)

That's what they are meant to do, cappy. Enjoy! :)

all I can say, they always make me laugh and put a smile on my face. you have a great day.


The question is...just how deep is the sweetness?

Sounds like a bully alright. :)


Smart, but just a bit crabby!

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